Twins: 21 Weeks

I'm feeling pretty darn good as my abs have either become used to stretching, stretching, stretching and/or the baby girl's head that was underneath them has moved to allow mommy relief.  :)
However, despite exercising and eating, eating, eating, I'm always tired.  It's probably due mostly in part to the fact that comfortable sleeping positions are playing hide-and-seek with me and my dreams are extra spicy these days (as in the acid reflux that plagues me is somehow tainting my dreams), not to mention that fact that I have two children usurping all of my energy, which I gladly give.

Anyway, my rear has taken up residence this morning on our comfy couch, right where it moved after a lone breakfast at the table before which it was in bed, so I'm feeling like maybe I should get up and movin' on the kitchen...priming today.  Not to mention the fact that the only thing on basic cable at the moment are those dumb judge shows that make you wanna bash your head into the wall thinking "are people really this dumb?" and the we're-gonna-show-pictures-of-sad-looking-animals-that-need-help-please-send-us-money commercials, which I totally respect, but feel like maybe there are babies at the risk of being torn out of the their mothers wombs right now that I should be more concerned about.  But, before I go off on a long tangent I'll leave you with a must-read guest post link from Grace's blog about NFP (Natural Family Planning).  Kick out those pre-concieved notions (or find out what it is) and read is awesome.  :) 

Have a good one!

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