Half-Steam Ahead

While I'm gnawing down my second lunch in preparation to head to the great outdoors and sand some more cabinet doors, I thought I'd share "progress".

Current state of the kitchen:

Current state of the workshop living room:

Unfortunately for me, I'm running on half-steam most days...not that I don't have all my motivation back after it's first trimester disappearance...but I'm trying to be a good mom and relax a little here and there instead of always going like I'm used to.  Sometimes I feel like part of my brain is a yappy, hyper little dog bound by a the leash carrying, "slow down" other side of my brain...make sense?  Most likely not.  :)

Anyway, we were so blessed to have our first baby shower this weekend and boy, (no pun intended) are the twins racking up goods.  Their stuff is taking over an entire corner of their future bedroom right now, not to mention the hall closet where their double stroller has it's home.  So crazy!  Each gift (usually in the form of a double) hits me hard with the joyous reality that we really have two children that will make their entrance into the world in four short months!  Glory to God...and Lord, help me! 

That's all the jibber jabber I've got time for today folks.  Sander, here I come!

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