Real Time

As I type, literally it's 10:13 am and I've just rolled out of bed.  Gotta love Saturdays. However, I must say I don't usually sleep in this long.  Insomniac-for-some-reason me and both of the twins, kicking away, were up until 2 am last night.  I tried and tried to fall asleep but in the end, my eyes were wide and I started hunting down fabrics for the nursery online.  Fun stuff I'll share another Saturday for sure.  So anyway,  I'm sitting at our kitchen table which is full of a conglomeration of things taken from underneath the being-painted kitchen cabinets, eating a huge bowl of CTC (Cinnamon Toast Crunch that is) and gearing myself to paint on this sun shiny, gorgeous day.  When I turn around, this is exactly what I see:
If all goes well, they'll get completely painted today and we can start on the backsplash next week.  I know you can't actually hear my excitement but it's taken me WAY too long to get this finished, being prego and all, and so I'm elated that it's almost done and I won't have to do anymore major painting until after the girls are born.  After it's done I can work on little projects like the picture collage going up on the wall to the left in the above picture and possibly diy-ing a rug, not to mention blowing the dust off my sewing machine and getting my maternity sew party on.  

Welp, it's now 10:25 and I'm due for a teeth-brushing and a paintbrush is calling my name so adios people!  I will be back this week with the 22 weekers photo and next weekend with a side project I've been working on slowly for the past two weeks (in between sanding and painting) that I'm so very excited to share!  It involves lots of pretty paper, glue, and scissors and you won't want to miss it if you're at all in to being crafty!  

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