Twins: 20 Weeks

Before we get to the 'ole run of the mill belly pic, I thought I'd share the big news first:
Yep, we found out this morning we've been blessed with two baby girls!  (Major kudos to the four lone voters who guessed right!  You were the minority!)  This is actually a doctored-up ultrasound picture from a couple of months ago...I knew I didn't have the patience to come home and doctor up the new ones before I spilled the 'beans' today (via text message to friends and fam) so yesterday I made three different pictures showing the three different possible scenarios.  :)  Girl power ya'll!  You'd think that seeing the twins on the ultrasound screen would further pound in the reality of the incredible situation we've got going on here, but I continue to be amazed, shocked, and fighting with unbelief at the beauty that's unfolding inside of me!  So surreal! 

Here's how we're looking on the belly front:
(One of these weeks I'll learn how to work the timer on my camera and move away from reflections to actual poses.)

Our little girlies were a little camera shy this morning so we didn't get the greatest snapshots of their cuteness but here's a couple of ultrasound pictures anyway:

Even though 'twin b' looks a little crazy...ok, a lot assured that she's developing perfectly even though her preferred position gave us no good angle to get a good shot:

Catch 'ya this weekend!


  1. Congratulations! Girls are so much fun! I'm looking forward to see what you come up with for the nursery!

  2. Congrats! Girls are a blast! Love that you did three scenarios ahead of time.

  3. Congrats! Such Blessings!
    Love ya,
    Aunt Sue

  4. Hello babies:)
    Sheena - you can totally tell where they are sitting in that little belly of yours (after you told me)! I love it! Can't wait to see you. XO!

  5. Thanks ya'll!!! We are so excited! God is good!

  6. Too (two?) sweet! Congratulations

    Love...Aunt Lisa