Baby’s First Haircut

We seem to have a hairy situation here.  My hair is falling out faster than you can type ‘follicle', partly due to the great nature of post-partumness and partly due to four tiny hands finding, yanking, and coming away with 100 or so strands every five minutes.  Cecilia is on the sure path to Mulletville as her mane is sparse on top with a whole lot of shiny, dark hair in back.  And then there’s Seraphia:nov122012 003Not really lacking in the amount, just in the symmetry. 

Right side: nov122012 004

Left side: nov122012 006

Something  had to be done.  I was having daymares of my sweet first-born turning into Peg from Edward Scissorhands in a matter of months and down that hair style lane I was not willing for her to go.peg (Image from here.)

So, a little snip here and a little snip snip there…nov122012 008

and she was back on the straight and narrow, albeit the left side still a smidge more voluminous, if I can even say that for the ultra-fine nature of her baby soft locks.

  nov122012 009

The back however, is another situation for another day.  nov122012 007 Here’s to hoping baldy fills in soon because, St. Francis, as much as I love ya, your hair on my daughter I do not.

What I Wore Sunday

“What are you dressing for the color blind or something?”  That’s what came out of the hubs mouth as I walked out in my Sunday best tonight before mass.  “Go bold or go home” is what I should’ve said.  Instead I spouted that “Actually, I saw someone wearing these colors together and it looked good”, withholding anymore info than that for fear of opening a door Anthony would love to walk through.

You see, last night we were indulging in some mind-numbing tv viewing whilst trying to coax two over-tired babes into a peaceful dreamland when my brows perked up at a particular outfit one of ‘The Big Bang Theory"’ nerds sported.  I thought “Hey, I can do that”.

nov242012 001 

And so I did:nov242012 003(Is it weird that I copied a dude’s outfit?  Or is it weird that he was wearing that in the first place?  Either way, I think the verdict is in in that I should’ve copied his stance as well.)

Shirt:  Hand-me-down from me seester
Pants:  Tarjay clearance rack
Shoes:  Fashion Bug and then capped by yours truly

If I were a little more spunky I’d have added a gold necklace or two or three and maybe some bangles or a bright colored scarf but I played my usual role as plain jane as far as accessories go and slipped some studs in my ears, calling it a done deal.

There’s many much more (Brian Regan anyone?) pretty, pretty ladies with much more fashion sense than I over at Fine Linen and Purple so hop, skip, and interjump over there for more.

Happy Sunday!  Go Giants!

In Between the Lines

I finally finished striping the nursery walls circa eleven in the pm last night, one hour before Anthony’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to the love of my life and my babies Daddy!  So, in lieu of writing up a wordy post all about how long it took me to check off this project, what’s next on the nursery agenda, or the various thoughts that painting provokes, I’m just going to put up some pictures and spend that time with my three loves.

If you want to put up some lines too, click here for last week’s pre-reveal tutorial! 

4 001  4 002 4 004 4 005

I’ll be back next week with another project down in a much more organized nursery!  Until then, have a great weekend everybody!

What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Quickest post ever because we just got the little beans down and this big bean is sure to follow.  But, not before I over share and easily fall into the ebb and flow of the cool crowd over at Camp Patton.

Here, ladies and gents, is what I wore to eat and eat and eat and eat…nov222012 007 After a little coaxing I was lucky enough to go sans tripod and got the love of my life to snap an awkward shot three seconds before we pulled out for mass.  As I was uploading the freeze frame tonight, I couldn’t help but notice that spot on my left foot.  Verbalizing my question, “What the heck is on my foot”, my photographer who was sitting next to me at the moment said “You mean the leaf?”  I proceeded to give him the death stare that said “You knew there was a leaf on my foot and didn’t say anything?!"  He laughed, I moved on, here I am, leaf and all.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that my entire outfit hails from various Target clearance racks of the past few years.  My black wedges are Target too but were purchased at a discount store, Dirt Cheap, for $4.

More importantly though, here’s what the mini-Tobins wore:nov222012 round  Cute and cute…and goodnight.

103 Degrees

Hey folks!  I'm just checking in, a huge bunch of tissues at my side ready and willing to catch any and all of the flowing river that's currently running from my sore nose.  Yesterday was a little rough.  I had a 103 degree temperature and felt like I had just run a marathon without any prior training.  Yeah, rough.  I was so excited to show the nursery today but alas, we've been a sick family all week and finish the stripes in the nursery I did not do.  It seems I'm on the up and up though so get it done I will asap and post it asap too.  

I hope you're all having a great weekend!