What I Wore Sunday

“What are you dressing for the color blind or something?”  That’s what came out of the hubs mouth as I walked out in my Sunday best tonight before mass.  “Go bold or go home” is what I should’ve said.  Instead I spouted that “Actually, I saw someone wearing these colors together and it looked good”, withholding anymore info than that for fear of opening a door Anthony would love to walk through.

You see, last night we were indulging in some mind-numbing tv viewing whilst trying to coax two over-tired babes into a peaceful dreamland when my brows perked up at a particular outfit one of ‘The Big Bang Theory"’ nerds sported.  I thought “Hey, I can do that”.

nov242012 001 

And so I did:nov242012 003(Is it weird that I copied a dude’s outfit?  Or is it weird that he was wearing that in the first place?  Either way, I think the verdict is in in that I should’ve copied his stance as well.)

Shirt:  Hand-me-down from me seester
Pants:  Tarjay clearance rack
Shoes:  Fashion Bug and then capped by yours truly

If I were a little more spunky I’d have added a gold necklace or two or three and maybe some bangles or a bright colored scarf but I played my usual role as plain jane as far as accessories go and slipped some studs in my ears, calling it a done deal.

There’s many much more (Brian Regan anyone?) pretty, pretty ladies with much more fashion sense than I over at Fine Linen and Purple so hop, skip, and interjump over there for more.

Happy Sunday!  Go Giants!


  1. Adorable, Sheena! The twins' nursery looks awesome, and I'd love to see a tutorial sometime for how you got your fabulous waves...

  2. You capped the toes of your shoes yourself???? You are clearly a genius. Genius!

  3. Love this! Howard's got nothing on you!

  4. Totally not nerdy on you! Love that you capped those awesome flats yourself...and your hair is fantastic!

  5. Well, you're the most adorable man-inspired-nerd I've ever seen. Btw, I love your tutorial on the shoe-resurrection. Now, with my can of spray paint, I'm looking around wondering what I can bring back to life. Just recently discovered your blog and find it adorable. Congratulations on your beautiful twins.

    1. 'man-inspired-nerd'...haha! love it! thank you for your sweet compliments martha!

  6. So cute! Love the whole outfit, esp. those shoes. And I love Brian Regan!