What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner

Quickest post ever because we just got the little beans down and this big bean is sure to follow.  But, not before I over share and easily fall into the ebb and flow of the cool crowd over at Camp Patton.

Here, ladies and gents, is what I wore to eat and eat and eat and eat…nov222012 007 After a little coaxing I was lucky enough to go sans tripod and got the love of my life to snap an awkward shot three seconds before we pulled out for mass.  As I was uploading the freeze frame tonight, I couldn’t help but notice that spot on my left foot.  Verbalizing my question, “What the heck is on my foot”, my photographer who was sitting next to me at the moment said “You mean the leaf?”  I proceeded to give him the death stare that said “You knew there was a leaf on my foot and didn’t say anything?!"  He laughed, I moved on, here I am, leaf and all.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that my entire outfit hails from various Target clearance racks of the past few years.  My black wedges are Target too but were purchased at a discount store, Dirt Cheap, for $4.

More importantly though, here’s what the mini-Tobins wore:nov222012 round  Cute and cute…and goodnight.


  1. there is no way on earth you birthed twins recently. amazing.

    love the green skinnies!!

    ha and the leaf thing -- totallllllly something Simon would do/not inform me about.

    those little ladies are the cutest!!!

    thanks for linking! Hope you're getting some good beauty sleep!

  2. Oh geez. I can't even handle the level of cuteness on your girls. Should be illegal!!!

  3. You look fantastic! My future postpartum body is jealous. And your girls are precious, as always. Did you DIY their dresses?

  4. All 3 of you look great :) I love those green pants with those black heels.

  5. You and your girls are just the cutest.

  6. Ok.. this is my last comment for today: I just wanted to say that your daughters are SO UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE! I have a little 7 month old girl myself and I have been absolutely loving all of the girliness. While I love having my son too, I'm a sucker for all of the frills and bows!

  7. Oh, goodness...you look lovely! Green is a great color on you. Those wedges! Have them too. $4? Nice.


  8. I can't believe you had twins! You look amazing Sheena!

    And I love the dresses on the little ladies ; ) Hopefully we'll get to see y'all soon!

    1. thanks natalie! we LOVE those dresses...they're going to go from dresses to shirts soon! :)

      by the way, somebody (ahem...me) is missing your blog posts! i know it's not like you have a job and hubs to tend to but, i'd love another read!