Mission (Sorta) Accomplished

Well, I did it.  Okay, I sorta did it.  I tried, boy did I try.  I took Mary up on her Challenge to hunt down an entire outfit at a thrift store only my one trip to seconds heaven turned up lots of options only they were ‘in need of alteration’ options and half-way through scoping out the racks, the twins woke up from their peaceful slumber so the heck outta there I went.  So, I thought I’d just try one night this week while Daddy was on duty but then luck would have it that Daddy got sick leaving Daddy Daycare closed until further notice.  Luck would push even further and get this lady sick today.  So, thrift store outings no more will I make before the deadline. 

Soooo, with all of that said, I didn’t want to call it quits so I pulled a few thrifted threads out of my closet and called it done.  Here’s what I’ve got:nov152012 024  I tried again and failed at getting my entire person into the picture using a tripod but the clothes are really all that matters anyway, right?  I thought I’d drag Cecilia in with me a get a half-family portrait while I was at it…too bad she’s headless.  Also, don’t mind my ashy knees, all the lovely wrinkles, or the fact that I quickly stuck a little piece of toilet paper in the front of the dress to protect my modesty…

Back to the thrift store finds though:nov92012 017 Dress:  $6 (purchased on a whim while six months pregnant, happily worn six months later)
Shoes:  $5
Belt:  $.75 (found in the little boys section)
Total:  $11.75

I’m back to jostling the two sprouts, sniffling and sneezing as I go.  Go see Mary for more thrifted finds!

Oh and by the way, the challenge ends next Tuesday, so get on it if you haven’t already!


  1. love it! especially the use of toilet paper...modest is hottest ;)

  2. Looking great, Sheena! I admire your persistence! I myself have just about given up on getting my whole person (head to toe) in a pic. I don't have a tripod so my daughter (just turned four) takes the pics. What are you gonna do?! And I actually love that pic with the shoes and belt, very carelessly glamorous.

  3. Great look Sheena....now take care of your self, ok?
    Aunt Sue

  4. You look great! Love the outfit, especially the modesty panel. ;-)