Baby’s First Haircut

We seem to have a hairy situation here.  My hair is falling out faster than you can type ‘follicle', partly due to the great nature of post-partumness and partly due to four tiny hands finding, yanking, and coming away with 100 or so strands every five minutes.  Cecilia is on the sure path to Mulletville as her mane is sparse on top with a whole lot of shiny, dark hair in back.  And then there’s Seraphia:nov122012 003Not really lacking in the amount, just in the symmetry. 

Right side: nov122012 004

Left side: nov122012 006

Something  had to be done.  I was having daymares of my sweet first-born turning into Peg from Edward Scissorhands in a matter of months and down that hair style lane I was not willing for her to go.peg (Image from here.)

So, a little snip here and a little snip snip there…nov122012 008

and she was back on the straight and narrow, albeit the left side still a smidge more voluminous, if I can even say that for the ultra-fine nature of her baby soft locks.

  nov122012 009

The back however, is another situation for another day.  nov122012 007 Here’s to hoping baldy fills in soon because, St. Francis, as much as I love ya, your hair on my daughter I do not.


  1. Cute little haircut! Baby hair is so funny how it comes in. Ellee's is coming in as a faux hawk, it's hilarious.
    Postpartum hairloss is not so funny. I have lost SO much hair that everytime I shower I think, "There can not possibly be any more to fall out!!" And then I get another handful. Blah.

  2. Hahaha! Love it! And I love her too! ;)

  3. lol! cutie. so funnyyyy. perfect pic from the movie too haha!

  4. She is so sweet! We called our little babe "Francesca" when she was sporting the monk look.

    Love your blog. Found you through "What I Wore Sunday" and started following you!

    1. Francesca! Love it! Too funny! Thanks for stopping by and following along!!

  5. LOL oh my goodness that is too funny and too cute! My husband has this crazy superstition of not cutting babies hair before the 1st birthday. Little does he know that I have had to do similar fixes such as this one too!