Half-Steam Ahead

While I'm gnawing down my second lunch in preparation to head to the great outdoors and sand some more cabinet doors, I thought I'd share "progress".

Current state of the kitchen:

Current state of the workshop living room:

Unfortunately for me, I'm running on half-steam most days...not that I don't have all my motivation back after it's first trimester disappearance...but I'm trying to be a good mom and relax a little here and there instead of always going like I'm used to.  Sometimes I feel like part of my brain is a yappy, hyper little dog bound by a the leash carrying, "slow down" other side of my brain...make sense?  Most likely not.  :)

Anyway, we were so blessed to have our first baby shower this weekend and boy, (no pun intended) are the twins racking up goods.  Their stuff is taking over an entire corner of their future bedroom right now, not to mention the hall closet where their double stroller has it's home.  So crazy!  Each gift (usually in the form of a double) hits me hard with the joyous reality that we really have two children that will make their entrance into the world in four short months!  Glory to God...and Lord, help me! 

That's all the jibber jabber I've got time for today folks.  Sander, here I come!

Twins: 19 Weeks

Well, at 19 weeks the eight limbs floating around inside of me are kicking and punching away to the delight of our hands, always eager to feel their presence.  The twins were especially active on the last leg of our flight to New York this weekend for our little sister's wedding...me hoping that it wasn't a sign of times to come...you know, babies wildly hyper on a plane = embarassed, stressed-out parents and not-too-happy plane neighbors.  :)

All is well with everything but a few continually stretching muscles here and there!  Just trying to push to the end of the kitchen remodel!  Sorry for zip for a post last weekend - like I said above, we were in New York and time before we jetted off got away from me and writing a post.  Look for an update tomorrow!  :)

Twins: 18 Weeks

Felt a couple of kicks (Anthony felt them too!) for the first time this week...since week 16 I've felt them rolling around but no jabs towards the outside.  So incredible!  Half-way to full term (36 weeks for twins) even though 37, 38, 39, and 40 weeks might creep up on them still in the womb anyway...if they're anything like me they'll be out and ready to go at 36 weeks...like Anthony, well, they might just lounge while they can and come out walking...

See ya Saturday!  I'm off to roll a coat of paint on kitchen cabinets!  :)

Chaos All Around

Thursday morning:

Yesterday morning:

Last night:
 Countertops in!

Later last night:
As you can see, chaos reigns in this kitchen.  Let me point out the ways...
1 - left-hand cabinets, empty, sanded, and ready to be painted...tomorrow?
2 - dishes and leftovers on left counter...why?  no working sink + no working dishwasher/drying rack = dirty dishes
3 - new, lovely sink, installed but without it's soul mate, the faucet, and it's undercarriage
4 - food from left cabinets completely covering every square inch of dining room table, thereby forcing us to dine in front of the tv...what a tragedy
5 - Anthony, the plumber/electrician for the night, happy we found the correct box for our new over-the-sink pendant but unhappy because he just realized our sink will not be wettened tonight due to lack of plumbing parts...trip to Lowe's in the morn
6 - under-the-sink plumbing hanging out solo in utility room which has a blue hue due to lighting and camera settings
7 - a mess of a backsplash wall due to a) no backsplash yet and b) markings and dents from Anthony's demolition fest ripping out old countertops Thursday night
8 - if you could peer into the room we call our living room, you'd see two sets of saw horses atop a bed of sheets (protecting the floors from any 'oops'), an unfinished loveseat (yep, remember that?), five paint and primer cans, various paint tools, a plethora of cleaners from under the sink, and nine cabinet doors waiting to be stripped...whew...

Hence, there's enough chaos in this house for both you and us.  AND (as if that's not enough), during my need-to-take-a-break-because-I'm-five-months-pregnant-with-not-one-but-two-children, I'm playing around with blog design, hence why this here blog probably looks a little unkempt right now. 
 Pardon the construction, mess, and lack of a better post people, we're DIYers and it's the weekend!

Be back next week with a somewhat cleaner facade.  :) 

Twins: Week 17

 Special thanks this week (and every week) to the Beband from Target (hand-me-down to me) for letting me get away with only having to buy one pair of maternity jeans and helping me feel like I can get away with wearing all of my non-pregnancy pants...hopefully for the remainder of the twins life in utero...and probably beyond.  Also to Shiva Rea and her incredible Prenatal Yoga dvd (and to Farrah, who let me borrow it), which has somewhat soothed my aching, stretching abs and back only at the cost of me looking quite silly while trying to imitate her.  Thank you too to a somewhat stranger who told me during a convo about twin pregnancies that I was going to get so wide come 8-9 months that I wouldn't be able to wrap both arms under my belly and touch my fingers...just what I wanted to hear. 

And last but not least, to my Aunt Angie for giving me this rad, sequined number of a shirt, thereby making me my own personal disco ball to which I can jump, jive, and wail all night long...or at least for a few minutes before my body shuts down due to fatigue and my legs feel like they're going to give out.  :)