Twins: Week 17

 Special thanks this week (and every week) to the Beband from Target (hand-me-down to me) for letting me get away with only having to buy one pair of maternity jeans and helping me feel like I can get away with wearing all of my non-pregnancy pants...hopefully for the remainder of the twins life in utero...and probably beyond.  Also to Shiva Rea and her incredible Prenatal Yoga dvd (and to Farrah, who let me borrow it), which has somewhat soothed my aching, stretching abs and back only at the cost of me looking quite silly while trying to imitate her.  Thank you too to a somewhat stranger who told me during a convo about twin pregnancies that I was going to get so wide come 8-9 months that I wouldn't be able to wrap both arms under my belly and touch my fingers...just what I wanted to hear. 

And last but not least, to my Aunt Angie for giving me this rad, sequined number of a shirt, thereby making me my own personal disco ball to which I can jump, jive, and wail all night long...or at least for a few minutes before my body shuts down due to fatigue and my legs feel like they're going to give out.  :)

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