One Down

Three sections to go.  Hopefully priming and painting the next three won't take me two weeks each either.  My fun-filled schedule of babysitting, eating, napping, and painting in between isn't really conducive to a kitchen remodel.  But, the next few weeks seem a little more lax so hopefully I'll have this baby done by the middle of March.

As far as priming and painting go, I followed the same process I used during our master bath paint fest, except I rolled on two coats of paint instead of one.


Of course we still have a couple of things to do like add a light fixture and some molding to cover the gaps between the sofit and cabinets near the window but that's all on Anthony's to-do list so I'm free to move on to the opposite side.

Speaking of the opposite side, late one night last week we also managed to mangle some shelving and trim to finally make way for the above-the-range microwave we've had living in our guestroom closet for the past year.  Three cheers for getting our old microwave off the counter soon, thereby uncovering some coveted counter space and making our kitchen step even further into the 21st century!

Fingers crossed and hoping upon hope, our new countertops will be here and in next Friday (they were supposed to be here yesterday but were 'back-ordered'), so I'll be sure to squeeze in some exciting pictures of those.  :) 

Have a great weekend!  I'll be spending some of mine doing prenatal yoga, hoping it'll cure my aching abs.  :)

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