Twins: Weeks 14 & 15

Week 14
I was given a BeBand (from Target) by a fellow mom and began using it this week instead of the usual rubber band act to magically turn my pants into maternity wear and I am convinced thus far that it is the greatest maternity invention ever!  I'll have to take a picture this week so show exactly how the thing works but the point of it is, obviously, to hold up your regular pants so you can get away with wearing your own pants during pregnancy.  I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be able to cheat with the band, but my goal is the entire pregnancy, although I did invest in some Gap maternity jeans I scored on sale for $33.   
As for pregnancy woes and cheers this week, I feel like pre-pregnancy with a little hill around the middle and a little sleepiness following me around...a.k.a. pretty darn good!

Week 15
Even though it seems as if things haven't changed much from week 14 to 15, I definitely feel like I'm looking more pregnant and maybe a front shot would show that more.  A stranger (maybe just the one brave enough to guess that I'm pregnant and don't just have a little beer belly) even asked me for the first time when I was due.  :)  I'll have to admit, my first "proud mom" moment came a few seconds later when I piped up and answered "almost 4 months".
On the flip side of side bright and sunshiny, my back and upper abs are starting to feel the stretch.  I ridiculously thought for two seconds this week that one of the twins was maybe kicking, only to realize a few minutes later that it was only my upper left ab spasming as it was pulled to make room for two growing chitlins.  :)

.           .           . 

Side(view) note:  To make things a little easier and just a tad bit more organized...and, well, just because they deserve their own post each week...I'm going to start posting baby belly pics sometime during the week instead of the normal Saturdays starting this coming week.  Stay tuned for regular programming later on today as our internet is now up and running after a week of being MIA!   

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