Chaos All Around

Thursday morning:

Yesterday morning:

Last night:
 Countertops in!

Later last night:
As you can see, chaos reigns in this kitchen.  Let me point out the ways...
1 - left-hand cabinets, empty, sanded, and ready to be painted...tomorrow?
2 - dishes and leftovers on left counter...why?  no working sink + no working dishwasher/drying rack = dirty dishes
3 - new, lovely sink, installed but without it's soul mate, the faucet, and it's undercarriage
4 - food from left cabinets completely covering every square inch of dining room table, thereby forcing us to dine in front of the tv...what a tragedy
5 - Anthony, the plumber/electrician for the night, happy we found the correct box for our new over-the-sink pendant but unhappy because he just realized our sink will not be wettened tonight due to lack of plumbing parts...trip to Lowe's in the morn
6 - under-the-sink plumbing hanging out solo in utility room which has a blue hue due to lighting and camera settings
7 - a mess of a backsplash wall due to a) no backsplash yet and b) markings and dents from Anthony's demolition fest ripping out old countertops Thursday night
8 - if you could peer into the room we call our living room, you'd see two sets of saw horses atop a bed of sheets (protecting the floors from any 'oops'), an unfinished loveseat (yep, remember that?), five paint and primer cans, various paint tools, a plethora of cleaners from under the sink, and nine cabinet doors waiting to be stripped...whew...

Hence, there's enough chaos in this house for both you and us.  AND (as if that's not enough), during my need-to-take-a-break-because-I'm-five-months-pregnant-with-not-one-but-two-children, I'm playing around with blog design, hence why this here blog probably looks a little unkempt right now. 
 Pardon the construction, mess, and lack of a better post people, we're DIYers and it's the weekend!

Be back next week with a somewhat cleaner facade.  :) 

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