Wrapping Paper Mat

Are you sick of me writing about a juvenile bathroom yet?  (I’m pretending that was a nonchalant, no…color me oblivious.)  Oh good.  Because there’s more.  I’d fill in space between these bathroom posts with something oh, I don’t know, not about a bathroom but one, two, three, four kids and they all nap at different times these days so, no.  Not happening.  Bigger fish are not being fried here…at least not right now.

Back to the subject matter though…

You might’ve read about the kids’ bathroom mini-overhaul, specifically everything that went on on the right side of the room but now let’s slide on over to the left side.  Here’s what it looked like after a fresh coat of paint several years back (the lighting and poor photography make it look worse than it actually did):Picture 003

And here it is now:

I never thought I’d care much about a toilet paper holder…until I had to buy one.  We went with this one because it’s easy for the kids to load it themselves (and for Gianna unload when someoneS leave the door ajar).  The shower curtain is this one.  However, I found two of them at Dirt Cheap and sewed them together to make one super long curtain.  I love the look of a shower curtain that starts close to the ceiling and ends at the floor and so by adding one to another, I was able to get that extra height.  :)


What I’m really here for though is to tell you about the frames.  They were orginally from Target but I scored them (around 20 of them) in a bargain buggy for $10 at Dirt Cheap.  If you have one of those near you, you should run to it.  Best.  Store.  Ever.

I stuck a scrap piece of fabric in the top frame and just outfitted the existing bottom frame with a snazzy “new mat”.IMG_8692

Here it was before the snazzy:

Not bad but boring and there’s too much white with the print being mostly white.  (Psst, the print was a super easy DIY that I’ll have to figure out how to link here for you to download if you’d like.  Until then, if you want the file, just email me and I’ll e-ship it right on over – beaninlove@gmail.com)

Chances are, if you’ve been reading this here blog for long, you’ve already seen this here wrapping paper before (like in this dresser where you’ll also see it framed at Christmas) and welp, here it is again.  And guess what?  I’ve only used about 3% of the roll so chances are, this isn’t the last time.  ;)  Although, I did have a tough time deciding between these two for this project:

The dots won out in the end but good news, I can always change my mind later.  Read on.

To add a little more character to the above, plain white frame and print I just placed some wrapping paper right in front of the existing mat.  To do that, I started by taking all of the contents out of the frame and, carefully so as not to get ink (pencil didn’t show up) on the actual mat, traced the outer edge and inner edge of the existing mat onto the back of the wrapping paper.
And then I cut along those lines with my x-acto knife, using a ruler to guide me along the straight and narrow.IMG_4180
I then placed the new wrapping paper mat into the frame first; right on top of the glass, followed by the mat, followed by the print, followed by the back and wa-la:

Flavor.  Character.  Personality.  More fun.  And like I said above, when we get sick of it, I can switch it out for something else. 

And just like that, I’m out.  Go forth and jazz up your mats friends!


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