Kids’ Bathe-room

B-A-T-H-E room because of T-H-E hooks…you might remember.  You might not and maybe you’ll need to read this post first.  Either way, we are 90% done (until the winds of change blow usually) with the kids’ bathroom and man, for a room that’s had an upgrade coming for years now, it feels real good.  Here’s what this bathroom looked like before we moved in and were just crushing on the house, thinking about putting in an offer:
guest bath b4

Once we moved in, we painted the doors, trim, and cabinets white and the walls the prettiest minty green (Lyndhurst Celadon Green by Valspar at Lowe’s).
Picture 002The orange glow from those incandescent bulbs makes me cringe.  Eventually we switched out them for our favorite, bright white bulbs.

A few years after that we had kids, they went through training of the toilet variety, and this became their throne room (that they share with the occasional guest).  So, I injected some fun and color with those hooks I mentioned above, some secondhand artwork, and some fun towels (some of which, by the way, I also bought secondhand…I always thought buying towels secondhand seemed weird but then I fell in love with these, bought and washed them, and now they’re ours…what do you think about buying towels secondhand?  Weird or perfectly otay?)
IMG_7715You can see the mood board I made to get us going in the right direction here.

And then of course, we set our sights on finishing what we started months eariler and went to town taking down that half wall and tiling the floors with some tile we found for el cheapo (high quality tile = super cheap at Dirt Cheap).  Progress: IMG_8660
All we have left to do is make a concrete countertop and replace the shower fixtures (they’re pretty dingy), but right now we stop here:
IMG_8696pixpBut only for a short time because we’re planning on getting those countertops made (we’re making one for our master bath too) and that shower updated asap…or really it’s asatklu (a-sat-clue) = as soon as the kids let us.  You might know how it is working with little kids around…S L O W   G O I N GGGGGG.

Anyway, let’s turn things around.  Here’s the other side of the room before it became the kids’ bathroom:
guest bathroom - fsbo (1)
After the fun, kid-worthy decor fest:
After the wall came down (and after Anthony accidentally broke the mirror…don’t worry, we’re not superstitious):
And now:

There is so much I want to share with you about the room; a bunch of fun, little DIY projects went into making it what it is.  So, I’ll get there post-by-post but I just wanted to pop in and show you where all of our post-bedtime and free-ish weekends have brought us.  Oh and did I mention it was a cheap, cheap, cheap makeover?  You know us.  ;)

One last before and after before I hop off (we’re about to have an in-house date night and watch La-La Land!).  Thee throne area before:
Picture 003Once upon a time I watched a show about how you shouldn’t have things out in the open near a toilet that you use on your body, namely toothbrushes and towels and such because, when you flush that toilet, tiny particles of crappy germs get flung into the air and onto your bodily instruments.  Sounds wonderful, right?  Well, that’s why I cringe when I see the towels hanging above the toilet in the above picture.  Lots of cringing going on here.  The orange glow too but mostly the toilet germs.  I don’t know if it’s 100% true but just in case it is, away the towels went and up went the pretty frames:IMG_8691
And away I go.  More later! 

Happy weekend!

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