Bow Whoa Whoa

Once upon Sunday, minutes before church, we were rushing to get out the door and I had the girls dressed in the cutest of outfits that would be best topped off with a pretty little bow on their pretty little heads.  The problem?  We had no bows.  I don’t know about you but you might know this about me…I work pretty well under pressure.  Actually, that’s when a lot of my out-of-the-box ideas come loose.  So, with seconds to spare, I remembered I had some scraps of felt laying on my desk.  With a little snip here, a little snip there, a twist here, and a tuck there, we had bows. 

Lemme explain in pictures…

You’ve got a little piece of felt:

Along one side, cut a triangle without completely cutting it out…leave one tip of the triangle attached to the felt scrap.IMG_4197
See how that one tip on the left is still attached?
Now, fold the triangle over like so:
Using the folded-over triangle, cut out another triangle (leaving the same tip folded and uncut).IMG_4200
Once you’ve cut out the second triangle, you’ll have a small piece of felt in the shape of a bow, or in case you have twins, you’ll have two.

Now, there’s really no size limit to these little bows.  The larger you cut your triangles, the larger the bow.  You like big bows?  You cannot lie.  Your little girls you can’t deny.  ;)

Next, go collect that precious little girl(s) of yours.  Put her hair up any way you want – a little pony half up, a full-fledged pony up top, in the back, on the side, piggies, a braid – whatever her heart desires.  You can almost use whatever type of elastic you want whether it’s the thicker ones or these tiny, rubbery ones, which I prefer.

Then, grab the bow you just made, pull up one strand of the elastic,
twist the bow in the middle,
slip one end of it under the elastic strand,
let the elastic go, and adjust as needed.  Bing, bam, boom.  You’re done. 

You’ve got purple felt?  Make a purple bow.  You’ve got rainbow felt?  Make a rainbow bow.  You’ve got some cute patterned fabric pieces laying around?  Make a bow out of them.  You’ve got an old tee shirt you don’t wear anymore but hey, the color is fantastic?  Make a fantastic-looking bow out of it!  The options are almost endless.  You could even stack a few bows together to get a beefier bow or cut slices down each triangle for a fringe look.

And whatever way you cut it, it’s super easy and super quick.  This is the only way I get bows in the girls hair these days…I mean, they don’t wear bows on the daily because I just can’t get that far anymore but when they do, they wear one their mama probably just chopped outta something.

And no one knows any different and that, in my book, is a big thumbs up.  Thumbs up 

.           .           .

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