Wee Scarves

So I might have an infinity scarf addiction – proof, proof, and more proof.  But I can’t help myself, especially when it comes to dressing the girls, so when an opportunity presented itself, I bit down…and made a graphic:

infinity scarf from a tee

Here’s the story.  I have this tee from back in my dancing days.  It has my name heat-pressed onto the back except that recently I washed it (for the 395757th time) and all of the white of the letters came off in the wash.  So weird.  IMG_5330
Not a huge deal but since I was/am going through a closet purge and have 49579 other t-shirts, I thought maybe it was time to bid farewell to this one.  So I went through the whole “what could I do with it?” before I actually tossed it to the donate pile and it hit me – the fall-ish cranberry color, the size, the soft cotton – they were all perfect ingredients for a couple of little infinity scarves of the no-sew, five-minutes-to done-variety for a couple of twins I know.

Here’s how I made them.  First, I cut off the bottom of the tee under the armpits.

And then I flipped it over to see that some of the logo on the front was still visible, so I cut off a tad more.
(Ten points if you know what a “clogger” is!)

Then, since I needed two scarves for two tiny ladies, I folded that bottom piece in half length-wise and cut along the fold. 

Next, I cut a bunch of shallow strips all the way up the unfolded/cut side of each half of fabric.  My cuts measured about an inch.

When I unfolded each piece, it looked like this:
(Sorry about the infiltrating sunlight!)

Last, I tied each strip to the one opposite it…
(Side note:  I ended up cutting off the bottom hem of the t-shirt because the strips cut there were too hard to tie since they were thicker.)

Since I didn’t have that much fabric to work with, I cut the strips pretty short to get as much scarf circumference as I could.  So, to aid in tying, I pulled on each one a bit to stretch it out before tying it to it’s counterpart.
[Unintentional light leak!  Cool!]

Until, after I had tied all of the strips together, I had myself, or the girls, two little infinity scarves.

We test drove them last weekend on a trip out to see Daddy who was working at a retreat out in the Southern countryside.photo 5 (1)
[DIY jean vest tutorial here.]

I like the extra detail the ties provide.  :)
  photo 1 (7)

For an adult scarf, all you’d really have to do is cut the tee off under the arms and stick your head in, like so:no-sew infinity scarf
…unless you’re working with a huge tee or you want to combine a couple of tees!  For the tots though, I prefer a more fitted, smaller scarf so depending on the size of the tee, a little snipping and tying might be necessary.

More photo spam from our little country excursion:
photo 1 (8)
Heart eyes and more heart eyes.

  photo 2 (9)
They had a blast picking up acorns and tossing them into the water.  Like they-didn’t-want-to-do-anything-else blast.  And then C found a huge, gross ‘shroom to toss in and we had to ruin her fun’gi…ha!

She’s so cute though, no?
 photo 3 (5) 

Anyway, go out and find yourself some cute patterned tees and cut your way to an infinity scarf or seven to keep your neck warm this winter.  I found this tee at Target on clearance for $2.10 a couple of months ago…
photo (1) 
[via this gram]
…and am punching myself that I didn’t grab more to make scarves…something out of!  Whatever…no regrets.

photo 2 (8)

You know what they say on Fridays – TGI…oh wait, I’m a mom.  ;)

.           .           .

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  1. Too cute, Sheena! The scarves and the kids. You're so creative!

  2. I LOVE that you were a clogger! My cousins used to do it, and I remember thinking that it would be fun to try... but it never happened.

  3. I never heard of clogging until I moved to the midwest! ;) These are adorable. You are so resourceful!

    1. It must be a midwestern thing because I haven't come across it since I left. :)

  4. I love the scarves, thanks for some awesome inspiration!! AND...I have that same target shirt, and have only worn it uno tiempo. I am thinking very seriously about turning it into a toddler scarf now....hm....