Luce Leather Giveaway

Hey all!!!  Happy Monday!  It’s been a great one over here so far.  Let’s see, Anthony had an early morning meeting this morning (he can usually hang around until after breakfast) so I was on my own when the kids woke up and wake up they did – both girls had wet the bed which is rare these days and Sebastian was in a wonderful mood after a fun night of not wanting to sleep.  So, I caved for the sake of rejuvenation slash keeping all my marbles and perched the girls in front of the “ABC show” on YouTube (you see, if they learn something I don’t feel the pang of guilt quite as much).  ;)  Seb is sleeping now and I swear someone set a bomb off in our house at 3am because it was immaculate when we went to sleep last night (hmmm, my nose is growing for some reason…) but I’ll deal with that later (maybe) because I want to make sure you know about the Luce Leather giveaway happening on our Instagram page!

luce leather giveaway

Nicole is generously giving away this Magnificat cover to one lucky follower!  Skip over there for the details!  The giveaway will end Wednesday at 8pm (CST) so hurry quick! 

After you enter, make sure to check out Luce Leather’s page.  Read about Nicole, her story, and how she’s taken her incredible talent in working with leather to the business level and also where she got the name “Luce”.  And then, browse in awe at all of the beautiful leather things she’s made – from rosary pouches, to bible covers, to checkbook covers, and her upcoming purse and clutch collection!  It’s all so beautiful! 

And last but not least, use code ‘BEANINLOVE11’ to get 10% off any ready-made products at $50 or more and $25 off any custom order until 11/29/2014!  

How’s that for a happy Monday?  Brightened mine, that’s fo sho!  :) 

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