It’s Like Flooring for Drawers

Or it’s a little dose of happy every time you open a plain ‘ole drawer, and who can argue against that? 

Remember the sneak peek of the drawer liner I threw into the last post on the coral desk?desk 028 

Well, here’s how they went down (all about puns over here):desk 026pixlrd 

First, I grabbed a measuring tape and measured the width and length of the bottoms of my drawers.  All the drawers on this desk are the same size so all it took was one measurement.  Easy.

Then I made and cut out a paper template using some printer/copy paper.  Laying that over my fabric (and trying to center the design of the fabric with my template), a simply cut the fabric along the template.  I didn’t trace the template onto the fabric but if you’re worried about your cutting, you could turn the fabric over and trace your template first with a pencil, then cut along your lines.desk 010

Next I generously sprayed each piece of fabric with some starch and ironed them so they were nice and flat.  To ward off stains and dirt, I then sprayed them with some Scotch Gard (get it at Wal-Mart in the craft section).  Make sure to spray this stuff outside.  It’ll burn your nose hairs right off if you don’t…it’s strong.  Whew!

desk 011

Then I grabbed some Elmer’s glue and made a few dots of it around the edges of my drawer bottoms…desk 014

…lightly pressed the fabric in and… desk 015

Wala!  An easy and pretty update that took me 15 minutes plus a little Scotch Gard drying time, not to mention it only cost the wallet $4.  As far as glue, you could also use some spray adhesive and spray the whole bottom of the drawer.  I went with good old Elmer in case a cleaning was in order or a change of mind occurred.  :)

The best part is that the fabric I used is the same fabric that’s going to be covering the seat of the chair I’m working on to go with this desk.  :)  As long as the rain doesn’t delay me anymore than it already has (outdoor spray painting + rain all week during nap times = no go), I’ll have that seat up and parked this weekend!  Stay tuned!

desk 013


  1. perfect timing. I've been hunting for shelf liner or whatever the stuff is called and haven't found what I wanted. I have oodles of fabric lying around here and would love to spend zilch-a-roo on this project since I'm spending oodles on all my other nesting projects. all that to say.... thanks! love this post!

  2. Love it! I juuuuust got done repainting some desk drawers for our office. My desk isn't near as cute as yours, but maybe it can gain some cuteness if I line the drawers with fabric. :) I was just going to use some plain old white liner but this is way cuter! Thanks for the inspiration on today's project! :)