And That’s A Wrap!

Let’s talk about the art of washing hands, in particular, the dispensing that makes way for the washing.  Way back when we did our little bathroom remod, I went hunting around for some new soap dispensers to complete it’s new look.  Well, I didn’t find any in my price range (the usual handful of change) so I just filled and re-filled a couple of Bath & Body Works bottles because I kinda liked the geometric structure they provided.  I always thought maybe someday I’d give those babies a little upgrade with some spray paint or studs or somethin’ but that day never came because a few weeks ago, I spied these two just chillin’ on a Target clearance end rack:   soapdisp 001

They had nice curvature and with their $3 price tag, I couldn’t resist but take them home where I spiced them up a little more.  Here’s how:
 soapdisp 011words
[A sneak peek and graphic all-in-one…fancy that.]

First, I hunted around a few stores for the perfect color of twine…tougher than it sounds.  Not all twine is equal.  I didn’t want something too brown because then it’d blend in with the walls but I didn’t want anything too light either because then it’d blend with the countertop.  In the end, I settled for something a little lighter than I wanted but I’m happy with it and can always stain it down the road. 

So, supplies for this quick project:
soapdisp 002
Soap dispenser (or two)
Glue (I used Aleene’s non-washable fabric and craft glue)

I found this twine at Wal-Mart and got a little surprise upon taking the packaging off.  When looking at it from the top with the wrapping still on, it looked like it was a lot thicker than it actually was.  See what I mean?
 soapdisp 004
At first I was really bummed but then I just decided to work with it anyway since it was now non-returnable.  Lucky for me, it turned out perfect.

After gathering my supplies, I grabbed the loose end of twine and cut a fresh end.  Then I put a little dab of glue at the bottom edge of my dispenser and stuck the twine end to it.  Ellen did a great job cheering me on, flashing me those pearly whites every time I glanced her way.  I waited until this dried before continuing to make sure the end would stay put as I wrapped. soapdisp 005

After the end was nice and stuck on, I began wrapping my twine up and around the bottle like so: soapdisp 006
It was as simple as making a zigzag line of glue around the area I was gluing and wrapping the twine tightly over it, layer after layer.  It was a little monotonous at first but once I got my groove, it took me no time at all.

When I had wrapped all I wanted, I made sure to end right above where I started so that that side of the bottle would be considered the “backside” and faced away from any perfectionist eyes like mine.  I also wiped off any excess glue. soapdisp 007

My initial intent was actually to wrap twine up the entire bottle but once I got almost half-way up the bottle, I really liked the color-blocking/dipped/whatever-you-want-to-call-it look and it was just the right amount of texture, so I called it quits and cut the string.

We’ve got double sinks in our master bath so matching dispensers we had to have and matching they are.  Two cheers for matching and OCD!
 soapdisp 013
And speaking of OCD, it’s clear soap only to maintain the frosted glass look…very importante.  I know, you think I’m crazy.  If the shoe fits…ohp, it does.

Much better than the Bath & Body Works bottles, don’t cha think? soapdispensers

Cost breakdown:
Soap dispensers:  $6 ($3 each…thank you Target clearance)
Twine:  $3 (Wal-Mart)
Glue:  already had (Got it at JoAnn’s once upon a clock)
Total spent:  $9

I think I’m going to spray paint the nozzle gold or silver…I’m leaning towards gold…to upgrade them even more.  What do you think?  Silver or gold or just leave them white?  Speaking of, has anybody ever spray painted a nozzle like this before?  I’m a teeny bit worried the tube will scratch as it’s pumped even though I’ve given it a once-over a hundred times already and I’m pretty sure the tube and top dispenser don’t actually touch…if that makes any sense.  Either way, you know I’ll let in on that whole story once it happens.  Until then, you’ll find me smiling every time I pump to wash.  :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. How about some ORB spray paint. I think it would look nice. But the white is fine too. love the twine..must have took some patience. :)

    1. Hmm...I thought about that but there's a lot of ORB going on in our bathroom so I thought maybe I'd throw in something new. But then again, it would match... Hmmmmm...

  2. I already started on my mantel wine bottles...all thanks to youuuuu! :) These are awesome. x. How's the baby boy??

    1. I saw them on Instagram! They look amazing! I can't wait to see them finished!
      Baby boy is kickin'! Still can't believe it's a boy! But, I'm so excited to have one so close in age with yours! So fun! :)

  3. I'm new to your blog and I'm enjoying it so far. I found you in a roundabout way through Instagram and although I'm not typically a DIY kind of girl, ideas like these soap dispensers might inspire me to become one. Congrats on your newborn! :)

    1. Thanks Melissa! The fact that we have another baby around is still a little surreal to me...I'll blame it on the lack of sleep. :)
      Glad you found me and I hope a little DIY hops into your life! Fun stuff!

  4. How did you do the backsplash of your bathroom wall? I love it!

    1. Hi Nina! It's a stencil from I downloaded from Jones Design Company (for free!!) and painted onto the wall! You can get the details here -

    2. Thank you! Your bathroom looks wonderful :) I hope I can have as much patience as you to complete the project.

    3. Thanks Nina! It's still a work in progress but it's nice when those 'works in progress' actually look nice and put together. :) If you decide to paint the stencil, take it nice and slow! Easy does it! You'll come out with fantastic looking wall/room and your sanity if you don't rush it! ;)