What I Wore Sunday – Choosing Sides

   I bought this shirt from Goodwill many suns ago and finally got around to fitting it to me this past weekend, just in time to wear it to Mass yesterday.  I loved the colors, the fact that it was reversible, and the super-nice fabric.  I wasn’t in love with how beeeg it was:photo (8)

So, I took out one of my fave fitted tops, traced it onto my blue/green number, put a straight stitch along the dotted line and a zig zag next to that for extra stability, and cut off the extra fabric with a pinking shears.

Unfortunately, I had to rob it of it’s reversible quality because I’m simply not good enough to know how to take it in to keep it that way.  So, since I already had the above green top, blue it was. 

Here’s how I wore it yesterday:
photo (9)
[Just call me Squints Under Cloudy Sky]
My photographer told me I’m an awkward picture taker…touche.  He also batted away my idea to picture-take with the fence as the background suggesting our vehicles would be a much better backdrop (also meaning he had to take less steps to humor his crazy wife by taking her picture to put on the www)… 

Top:  Goodwill $2
Necklace:  Ebay $8!!!!! (search “statement necklace” and China will come to your beck ‘n call)
Skinnies:  Target $7
Peep Wedges:  Consignment Store $5
A whole outfit for $22…not bad, not bad at all.

Putting up my link over at Fine Linen and Purple.  Lots more over there!

.           .           .

I’ll be back later this week with a 10 month update on two little crazies and a two-tone dresser…and maybe something else…you’ll just have to come see.  :)


  1. Your hair looks amazing! When I've had long hair I'd always fantasize about styling it that way...and then I'd soon realize my hair doesn't hold curls to save my life (or ego ;).

    Cheers, Cams

    1. Thank you!!! Curls or no curls, your hair is so cute too!!!!

  2. I love the yellow accessories! And the taken-in top looks so cute.

  3. I love your shirt!! Awesome job fitting it. Also, that necklace is really pretty!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm no pro, but I try and sometimes I get good results like this!!! :)