Bean Sprouts: 10 Months

Before I dive into the last month of the twins’ lives, I just want to give a big hug and thank you to you all for your sweet words of congratulations on the upcoming number three!  It’s such a joy to be surrounded by people who love life rather than those like the dude in Wal-Mart who, after seeing the twins and asking if they were in fact “twins?”, told me “You better not have anymore!”  I got the pleasure of telling him that we were in fact expecting our third around Christmas to which he mumbled something and gave me a raise of the eyebrow.  I just gave him a smug smile and went about my merry, hands-full way.  :)

 10mo 021

So, it’s been 10 months since the birth of the two we once thought was just one.  Actually, we’re coming up on 11 months and momma over here is a little late on her posts.  We’ll blame it on the lack ‘o motivation that is known in this household as first trimester laziness.

10mo 001
[In case you didn’t notice, the only ham in this house resides in the fridge.]

Both girls are crawling, crawling, crawling and are now more interested in any room other than the room where all of their colorful toys live…the rooms that have bookcases, drawers, and lots of other things that really aren’t “child-proof” yet.  We really, really have to get on that.  Can anyone recommend some child-proofing gadgets for drawers and doors by the way?  We haven’t the faintest idea.

Her new thing is to point or just throw out an arm with an open hand just for kicks.  She did it this morning circa 4:30 when she just needed to be out of her crib and she does it at other random points throughout the day.  We haven’t the faintest clue what she means by it but it sure is funny bordering weird.  She learned how to say “mama” two days before Mothers’ Day which melted my heart into a little red puddle but has since forgotten…  Compared to her courageous sister she’s, as Anthony says, a “little wuss”.  She’ll pull herself up on her knees but to her feet she wouldn’t dare.  She’s very careful to keep herself safe at all costs, which I guess is good for me.  She’s very sensitive and if she’s in any sort of foul mood, Cecilia just touching her will set her off into a fit of tears.  She listens when I tell her “no no” and immediately seeks out some other form of entertainment than the forbidden but only after letting me know her feelings were hurt.  She’s still the runt of the two, with my narrow profile and crazy long legs.

She celebrated her 10 month birthday by cutting her first tooth.  It’s still her only tooth to date.  She’s my little cuddler.  She loves to cuddle with mommy and she’s very much a momma’s girl.  She’s a wild child though with frequent outbursts of loud noises and a care-free attitude which leads her to crawl wherever she pleases.  It doesn’t matter how stable the object she’s holding to stand, she’s determined to pull herself up on it.  Once again, we really need to child-proof.  She sings/yells to the tune of Scuttle on The Little Mermaid.  Heard it?  It’s ear-wrenching but cute all at once.  We’re pretty sure baby tylenol has the same effect as a large dose of sugar on her because it sends her to the moon and back, giggling all the way.  She eats almost anything I try to put in her mouth except avocado.  Her and S have no taste for those healthy things.
 photo (1)

Both girls are now eating almost anything, which means that our lives are so much easier in the feeding department because they can eat minced versions of whatever we’re eating and on top of that, they’ve learned to pick up their own bits of food and feed themselves.  I’m still nursing them three times a day and we’ve starting supplementing with formula at night due to the depletion of milk the bean in the oven has brought on.  Cloth diapering has saved us roughly $900 to date (and that’s based on the price of Target generics)…holy wow…and I haven’t the faintest how much making our own baby food has saved us but it’s probably not quite that much.

10mo 022

If you stopped by, this is what our living room would probably look like these days:
10mo 030

and last week both girls wreaked havoc in our closet among my shoes, belts, and purging pile:
10mo 029

I have yet to clean up from their little excursion.

10mo 023
[Quick!  Look the other way and maybe she won’t know we did that.]

Speaking of things I still have to do, the dresser is going two-tone as soon as I can build up some energy and spend a nap time not napping with the tots.  Also on the list are the coffee table going ottoman, two gallery walls, and a ton of pillow covers that need to be sewn for the living room.  Here’s to hoping that “nesting” thing kicks in soonish.

10mo 026


  1. I can't handle how adorable they are. I just want to jump through the computer screen and squeeze them. But I've never been to Alabama. Maybe someday ... :)

    1. :) They are squeezy and Alabama would love to have you!!!

  2. Your girls are so darling!! I can't believe that sat there as had their pictures taken, such little ladies ;)

    We bought our child proofing locks at target, they are just those little white lever things that allow the door to open just enough for you to push down on it an open it all the way, but not enough for little curious hands to get into. They work on drawers too. Our 2 year old doesn't bother with the doors anymore now that he knows they are latched. Hopefully that made some sort of sense :)

  3. Your girls are so cute!! I want to come hang out with them (and you!)