Unconventional Artwork

I had big plans for the shades of these two lamps.  I executed and they looked awesome…only, that was all in my head.  What actually happened is another story.

It all goes back to the curtains I whipped up for the girl’s room. 4 005

After shortening the ones I made for the window, I had a foot of so of extra fabric.  My thought was to grab some pastel pink spray paint, paint the leftover fabric, and then reupholster the not-so-perfect lamp shades, thereby putting that pattern to good use elsewhere in the room.  Out to my good ‘ole spray painting plywood I went:jan42012b 001 (Yes, the fabric was too close to the edge of the board and I knew in advance the ground would get tainted pink but lucky for me our lawn needed to be raked real bad so up with the leaves meant up with the spray paint.)

On a side note, how cool is the pattern left behind?  I’m envisioning it on dresser drawers or maybe a rug?jan42012b 002

So, I painted, it dried, I came in, and…jan42012b 004 …not what I wanted.  For who knows what reason (maybe one too many coats?) the ‘pink’ spray paint turned out ‘peach’ and too matchy-matchy with the curtains.  It definitely didn’t look bad; I was just going for a difference in color.  So I sadly put away the now peach fabric remnants for later use.

After a little brainstorming, I came up with another, very temporary idea until I can find some fabric I like to reupholster the shades.  I drew on the shades with crayon.  Yup, pink crayon.  Putting my second grade skills into good use folks.  Here’s what I used (mind you, it was what I had on hand, a.k.a. FREE):jan42012b 005sup Little Seraphia was bound and determined not to miss the action during naptime and Mommy was bound and determined to spice up these shades and not deal with a crying baby hence, my audience.  :)

First I penciled some tiny, equally distant marks around the entire base of the shade.jan42012b 007 

Then, using the ever-so-handy tray of the bumbo seat for it’s nice curves, I traced a curved line from one pencil mark to the opposite side of the shade.  (And added to my spectators as Cecilia decided she’d had enough sleep.) jan42012b 009

All the way around and now I had this going on:jan42012b 010

To create a geometric vibe, I did the same thing again only backwards, causing my curved lines to overlap:jan42012b 011

Done:jan142012 002

And done: jan42012b 013

Like I mentioned above, I’m still going to reupholster these shades because they’ve got a few little dents and scratches that a nice layer of fabric will hide but at least they have a little bit of flair while I hunt down some perfect (and cheap) fabric! 

Anybody else drawn on lamp shades or other unconventional mediums lately?  It feels quite adventurous and a little bit rebellious, don’t you think?

.           .           .

P.S.  I know I owe y’all an updated picture of the nursery and I promise I’ll getcha some…next week maybe?  Stay tuned.

P.P.S.  In the mood for a party?  I am!  Linking up with fellow DIYers over at Watch Out, Martha!


  1. Seriously brilliant! I love seeing all of your creative ideas!

  2. Any suggestions on how you are able to get things done while having TWO little ones around? I have three month old identical twins, that can't seem to want to stay in any position for longer than 5 minutes right now.

    1. Haha Tracie! That's such a good question...I sometimes wonder myself how I get anything done! To be honest though, I take advantage of nap times. I have them on pretty much the same schedule so they sleep at the same time. Then there are always those times when I do little stuff like these shades while they play next to me. :)
      Congratulations on your twins by the way! I love hearing from other twin mamas! Do you have boys or girls?

    2. They are girls. We had them on a pretty good schedule, but during the evenings when we are home, it always seems like one isn't that tired, and then it switches. Oh well such is life with multiples I guess.

  3. awesome! I love your little audience!

  4. so inspiring, these look great sheena!! thanks so much for the kind words about DVM, we have so many mutual friends, i can't believe we haven't connected until now!

  5. Sheena, these look amazing!! Who knew about this bumbo tray-crayon technique ;) Both the color and pattern of the curtain fabric is just fantastic and I love them with those sweet stripes! Can't wait to see how the whole space is coming together...and what a sweet audience you had!