Just Checking In

Hello!  Hi!  Hola!  Salut!  I’m spending the weekend with friends and with family that’s in town visiting for the week so I’m going to trade in my usual Saturday blogging brain dump for quality time with them but I won’t leave you hanging without a little bit of my business. 

THIS made my week:jan262012 004 See the new coffee table?  Yeah, that.  I’ve been hunting and searching and hunting some more for a round coffee table with a shelf underneath (to store toys) to turn into an cushy ottoman so that no matter where you’re sitting on our sectional, you can prop your toes up.  Well, this week during one of our little family outings I quickly ran into Goodwill while Anthony waited in the car with the tots and found this little beauty for $12…$12!!!!!  I LOVE the octagon shape and I can’t wait to get started on ‘ottomatizing’ it!  Of course I’ll share all the diy deets on this here blog when it all goes down!  Maybe it’s silly, but I’m over-the-moon excited about it!

You might also have noticed that we moved our big oil painting from the wall above the loveseat to the wall above the sectional, switching out these frames.  It’s previous positioning had always bothered me so I finally had Anthony move it over.  As soon as I find some, I’m going to flank it with some sort of mirror or two or three…we’ll see. 

Anyway, I don’t want to keep the fam waiting so I’m going to skidaddle!  I wish you all a fantastic rest of the weekend!   


  1. That is a great looking coffee table! And $12?!

    I love the color scheme of your room - blues, whites and creams are one of my favorite combos.

    1. thanks katrina! i'm still a little stunned by the 12 bucks myself! :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Love it!

  3. What a great buy! At our Goodwill that probably would have been marked $30+.