Twenty Twelve in Pictures

What better way to commemorate 2012 than in pictures.  Thanks be to Dweej at House Unseen and Robin at Farewell Stranger for the great idea and for hosting link-ups so we can all peek.  If you haven’t yet reflected on the past year via blogging, you should mosey on over and join the fun. 

Since projects are my main squeeze, my monthly memories are all DIY style.  Here’s 2012:jan2 I pulled out the spray paint and covered over some shiny gold towel rings that went up in our master bath.

feb We started a kitchen remodel.  I spent most of my days sanding, scraping, and priming whilst four months into our twin pregnancy.

mar  I turned on the crafty switch and made thank you cards out of baby shower cards I received at our first shower this month.  We also found out that buttons and bows, ribbons and curls would be a very big part of our future as the two sprouts were GIRLS!

apr  Determined to cover the ever-expanding twin belly in clothes that fit and eager to stay far from frumpy, I took a stab at altering some maternity tees and after a little frustration, finally succeeded.

mayWith the girls arrival only a couple of months away , we got on the ball and started planning out their nursery, after combining the office and guest bedroom.  (Eight months later and it’s still in progress…)

jun  I pushed fashion into their destiny as I made the twins their very first maxi skirts out of the pant legs of some maternity pjs I altered.

jul  On the 9th, we welcomed our biggest project to date.  They came after seven hours of labor, weighed in at a cumulative 13 pounds, and it only took us a day to name them.  Hola Seraphia and Cecilia!

aug  We livened up our master bath with a faux roman shade.

sep We finally finished the kitchen remodel we had started at the end of 2011.

sept122012 008 I whipped up some curtains to adorn the girls’ closet and window in their (still unfinished) nursery.  We also moved the girls from our bed (a survival mode remedy after trying car seats, swings, and a co-sleeper) into a crib in our room without too much of a hassle.

nov  I spent many nap times, bedtimes, and Daddy times painting stripes in the nursery.

dec I injected some much needed color into our white, white kitchen by spray painting some kitchen basics.


Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and fruitful 2013!


  1. You have such amazing taste! Your little girls are precious and I am loving the maxi skirts!

  2. I am in love with the pajama-pants-turned-maxi skirts. You are a genius!

  3. Love your place! I'm amazed how much you managed to do (and so beautifully), having just had two babies! Inspired.

  4. Yay babies! And wow, you accomplished a lot considering. I'm in awe of DIY types - I'm not handy or crafty like that at all.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. thanks for hosting robin!
      as far as getting a lot done, nap times are the key word! :)

  5. I just love your pictures and congrats on your biggest project to date!