Bean Sprouts: 6 Months

Well, we managed to squeeze a six month photo shoot into our busy agendas last week and good thing too, because three, four, and five months got skipped.  Unfortunately, both girls were sniffling and sneezing through it, Seraphia almost oblivious to it per her usual nothing-bothers-me temperament, and Cecilia wondering if her entire life was going to be this miserable.  Nonetheless, we got some goodies of our little squirts on the still unfinished loveseat (we’re going on over a year now…will we ever finish it?) that I’m sure will amuse our family for decades to come.

jan162012 023Still working on ‘cheese’ and synchronized staring at the camera.

We thought we’d throw the two stuffed peas back into the picture, hearkening back to the days when they could fill the same pod:IMG_0235edited 

Just for kicks, here are the little chicks at two weeks:july232012 007A little jaundiced and a lot mushy…but we’ll just call it tan and cuddly.  :)

Ah, the first-born: phia6mo Winning the “Happiest Baby on the Block” award four months in a row now, Seraphia is all daddy from the neck up.  However, her future inability to ever find pants long enough is all my fault.  We’re wondering where her thick mane has gone over the past month as she is slowly taking on the hairstyle of a certain creature by the name of Gollum.  jan162012 010Sleeping is not really her forte and eating anything other than that which I provide isn’t really worth her time.  On her list of accomplishments includes rolling from front to back and vice-versa, smiling a whole lot, spewing slobber for miles, grabbing anything and everything within her reach, and an inhaled and quite weird shriek of a laugh.  You’d never know by her joyous disposition, but she’s got two pearly whites just under the skin of her lower gums ready to make their arrival any darn day now.  As excited as I am to see her little toothy grin, I have to admit I’m deathly afraid of what those two pincers might mean for her food source…    jan162012 005

And then there’s:c6moWell, at first judgment we thought she’d be the calm, cool, and collected one.  Wrong-O.  When she’s hungry, you know it…and every meal is wolfed down like it’s her last.  When she’s tired, you know it.  When she’s filled her pants, you know it.  When she’s been set down in the wrong spot, you know it.  When her pants don’t match her shirt, you know it.  When her sister is sad, you know it.  When you’re not feeding her this new “mushed banana” stuff fast enough, you know it.   jan162012 015 Looks-wise she’s almost all mommy except for that dark, glossy soon-to-be-mullet hair with the few long stragglers that curl up at the ends, the shape of her eyes, and the shapes of her fingernails…and her attitude.
As far as talents go she’s always a step ahead of her sister – rolling over and back first, bouncing away in the little exersaucer first, eating from a spoon gracefully first, learning and spouting gibberish first, and giving us a hearty little laugh first.  You’d think she thinks she’s got somethin’ to prove being five minutes behind at birth or something…  She even sings with me!jan162012 012 This chunky monkey (only in comparison to her elder) has the BEST laugh and the most contagious smile.  Whereas anyone other than Mommy or Daddy has to act like an incredible clown for Seraphia to even give them one little smirk, Cecilia will give bare her mega-watt gums for you at a simple glance.  She’ll turn any gray sky blue.  Did I mention that she has the most gorgeous big eyes? jan162012 014


I think I’ll conclude with some outtakes of our little shoot.  Turns out six month olds don’t find being photographed that fun…especially while they’re stuck with some pesky cold bugs.
*jan162012 024Girls, girls!!  Over here!  Look at mommy!  Girls!!!  (I begin the lunatic waves.)

jan162012 025Lean on me. 

jan162012 026Zoned out and petrified.
 jan162012 027Personal space?  What personal space?

jan162012 028Don’t touch me.

jan162012 031BFFs.
(You might’ve noticed Cecilia repaid our efforts to make memories with a bomb of a diaper, the likes of which we noticed only after the whole shebang by the massive wet spot she left in her stead on the loveseat…thankfully, we captured it on camera and can laugh about it now.)


  1. I can't handle the cuteness! Love the update- I can't believe they're 6 months already!

  2. Love it!! They're so adorable!!

    PS. From one nursing momma to another - babies can't "bite" and "suck" the food source at the same time, so although Paul is 20 months and loaded with teeth, the only discomfort I really have is when he is nodding off or not paying attention, which has only happened past 17-18 months... so enjoy it as much as you can! :)

  3. They are just too cute! I love your descriptions about their little personalities! They will love reading that and giggling one day :)

  4. Ohhhh, they are so stinking cute! Love your way with words!

  5. What sweethearts! Cecilia sounds like my Sophia...we cannot get over how temperamental she is! We sure love when she smiles, because goodness can she scream! haha

  6. Oh my, what cutie pies! And that last one with them holding hands?? Precious!