Red + Blue = Purple...

And brown + brown = brown!  Which also, in my case, equals free paint! 

So, we have a couple of cans of paint leftover from previous projects plus a couple of leftovers left from the previous owner of the house and they are all either light, light brown or medium brown.  Since I know we might be painting the office again within the next couple of years to convert it to a nursery, I didn't feel like buying paint that would just be painted over.  Plus, it feels good to use leftovers instead of letting them go to waste.

I originally was only going to use three leftover cans, but when the three didn't add up to enough paint, I added another brown.  I almost added a little light green too in which case I would've tested a couple of drops in a little bowl to make sure the colors jived but then decided against it.

This is after two cans.  It looks scrumptious, huh?

This is the final color, which looks darker on the walls then it does in the can and I love it!  It actually is pretty darn close to the color in our living room and hallway, maybe a smidge darker.  Also, the four paint colors I used weren't the same sheen - two were satin, one was eggshell, and one was semi-gloss but in our old house I combined two different colors and sheens to get the green color in our second bathroom and I found that the sheens mixed and just made one sheen...if that makes any sense at all.  Point is, you can't tell.  :)

.          .          .


So far, I've painted the trim and started painting the corners and edges of the walls.

Here's what the trim looked like before...mind you, we had a whole house filled with grungy and dirty-looking trim before.

I kind-of make a mess when I paint trim so please excuse it.  If I'm painting an entire room, walls and all, I always paint the trim first so that I can get every angle of it.  I use a edger, paint thingy (ceiling guard maybe...not sure what it's called but we got it at Lowe's) and stuff it's edge under the bottom of the trim so that I don't get paint on the carpet.

See how much cleaner?!  The reason I said I make a mess painting trim is that I am bound and determined to get every level of it so that means that I get trim paint on the wall just above the trim to make sure I've gotten the top part of the trim.  I could probably paint it without painting the wall too but that's too tedious to me when it'll get painted over anyway.  :)

Next I paint the wall color in corners and around door edges and such, anywhere that a roller can't paint.  Usually Anthony helps me and he paints the edges while I roll but I'm doing this one alone while he's at work and studying so it works better for me this way.  If I were to do both at once, paint part of an edge and then roll that part, move to the next part and do the same thing, I'd either ruin my brush or roller because they'd dry out.

Stay tuned to see the finished paint project!

.          .          .

A little random note:
I'd like to welcome everyone to Big Bug Country...a.k.a. The South.  Let me explain.  I went outside this afternoon to start spray-painting the filing cabinet.  So I walked over to our little shed alongside which is the big piece of plywood I spray-paint everything on when this is what I saw...(beware)...

THIS!!!  Being the bug-o-phobic I am, I found something else to spray paint on and used 14x zoom (so I could stand far, far, far away) on my camera to take a picture.  Anybody (uhhhh...Dan the butterfly man?) know what it is?!  It looks like an overweight butterfly tarantula that came out of my mixed brown paint! 

Well, thanks for reading my extremely long post about paint and a big bug!  Have a grand 'ole day ya'll! 



  1. looks like a lizard...perhaps a shark? ;)

  2. haha very funny "anonymous" :D

  3. lol sheena, your posts crack me up!! you are quite the resourceful woman!!! i can't help but think about the little sheena who didn't have a care in the world that i was extremely jealous of, and how you are now, lol makes me smile :)

    ps - that bug is ugly and i hope i never see one sitting on my porch or anywhere for that matter, the roach was more than enough for me!!!

    pps - i love you :)

  4. I'm so glad to see you didn't take all the baseboards off to paint them. I was inspired, by other pictures on your blog, to paint all our baseboards and doors white--it really will make it look so much bigger and more modern. However, I haven't started yet, and I wasn't sure if I'd leave them on or take them off. (I'm afraid if I pull them off the walls, I'll break some of them.) I'll keep you posted as to whether or not I actually take on this "dream" project! xoxo