You won't believe what I found!  I don't even know how I found them except I think God led me to them.  First of all, let me explain.  In our house, half of the rooms have a ceiling fan and they're not the most modern looking things.  Two are white so they're not so bad but the others are brass and I'm not a huge 'fan' of brass.  Well, I've wondered long and hard whether I could spray paint these darned things or not.  I've researched and found that there's just so many vents and places you really shouldn't get paint on that saving up and buying might be the easiest option.  So, since buying new ceiling fans is probably the last thing on our wish list, I haven't paid much attention to them (and since 'easy' really doesn't appease me, spray-painting them might just be a blog post someday).  
So, the other day I was working in the office and day-dreaming about what a cute nursery it would someday be when my eyes looked up to the fan...ugh.  I've always dreamed of having a cute little light fixture in a nursery...a little chandelier for a girl or some cool something for a boy.  Well down here in the southern heat, I really can't put any future bean into a room without a fan so my chandelier dreams flew out the window quicker than fan blades on high.  Then another idea popped into my noggin'.  What if I could just replace the 'crystal ball' hanging from the fan?  They have ceiling fan light kits at Lowe's, right?  Yeah, well then I found some 'bean-approved' ceiling fan light kits online at http://www.lampsplus.com/Products/Fan-Light-Kits/.  I didn't even know anyone made these!  Take a look at what I found!

How precious is this one?!  It's so feminine and beautiful!  Perfect for a precious baby girl!

Another one for a little girl that would grow with her and change with any redecorating!  It could also 'romaticize' any master bedroom.

This one is my favorite, I think.  It's so modern yet soft and beautiful and they have matching floor and tabletop lamps!

This one I thought would look really great in a gathering area such as a living room or den (or any room for that matter)...but it's one of the many on the website that would.

This one I'd love for our master bedroom.  The fan is brass so I'd have to figure something out to change it to silver but how amazing would it be?!  I think you can buy fan's without light kits attached but I'm not sure so, if I'm right, that could work too.

These fan kits run around $100 or so apiece so they're not exactly the cheapest things in the world, but if we could save up for them (or in the case of having one in a nursery, registering for it), they'd be so worth it and we could keep the old light kits stored away so that we could take the new ones with us to a new house and put the old ones back up.

A few other ways I've thought of spiffying up our fans are:
- by buying a large, plain, or patterned drum shade made for a lamp and somehow attaching it over the existing light fixture or light bulbs. 
- stenciling or stamping the blades with one or a few cute patterns (I almost photo-shopped this idea but my office is waiting to get painted at the moment.  Maybe sometime in the future.)
- with some wire rings strung together like a bulls-eye, some beads, shells, or other such things, and necklace wire you could probably make your own little chandelier (if you're interested in this idea, email me for a better explanation). 
-by replacing the existing light covers with small shades or just more modern glass covers.

However I decide to recreate our fans someday, you'll hear about it!  Plus, I'd love to hear more ideas and get some more inspiration!  Have you or anyone you know spray-painted a fan?  Let me know!   


  1. wow! i didn't know they made these either! so cool!

  2. the pink is my fave!!!

  3. I know it's sooo cute Rock and it would look cute in your room!!!