Next Stop...The Office/Guest Bedroom

We're moving on to the final room...the office/guest bedroom and someday to be deemed the nursery.  Here's the plan:

The Closet
 It's going to get painted white instead of remaining the grundgy, cream color that it is.  We're also going to re-organize it since it's become the place to throw odds and ends.  As for the curtains, we're not sure if we'll keep them or replace them with real doors.

The Filing Cabinet
We inherited this filing cabinet for free but it needs a little love.  It'll probably get a fresh coat of white paint and I'll make some cute labels to make organizing paperwork more fun.  :)

Window and Bed
We're going to make a long headboard that will be padded and upholstered to make this twin bed a day bed.  As for the window, I want to make curtains and maybe a roman shade to dress it up.  Then, at a later date...a.k.a. when I learn how to sew...I'm going to make a cushion for the window seat. 

The Bookshelf
Not sure yet how, but I want to either paint or find cheap, cute wallpaper to put on the back 'wall' of the bookshelf that will add a little flair.  :)

Of course, the walls and trim will be painted in the whole room.  I want to try and save a little money by using and/or combining leftover paint we already have.  Since this room will one day, God-willing, be a nursery, decorating will remain pretty basic and neutral until we can go to town with it for our little bean sprout!

Should be a fun time!  Stay tuned to watch the transformation!  

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