What a Little Paint Can Do!

The title of this post should actually read "What a Little Paint and a LOT of Patience Can Do!", but it's a little long.  So, a friend kindly gave us a beautiful hutch in exchange for a twin mattress set we had that we weren't using. 
We placed it in our living room at the time to create a focal point on an otherwise "blank" wall.  At the time, the green, country look of it complimented the colors in our living room and even though I had dreams to paint it one day, I just didn't have the time.

So, we moved it with us down to Alabama and put it in the living room down here as well.  Except, it just didn't jive as well since we had bought a new couch and introduced ourselves to a different color scheme in the room.
Yes, I know.  The red rug and green hutch do nothing for our new aqua colored couch.  So what did I do?  I sold the rug on craigslist.com and painted the hutch a cream color.  


So the reason I said I needed a lot of patience to do this job was because I had to take off each door, each hinge, and each little thingy that was holding the glass in in order to take out the glass just so that I'd only get paint on the wood.  I'm going to post this process on my "Beauty on a Budget" page soon in case anyone wants some 'DIY' tips/ideas on painting a piece of furniture like this.  The patience and hard work paid off and my living room certainly "jives" now.  :) 

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