Dorm Daze!

A visit to a couple of thrift stores, Lowes, some tacos, and caramel brownies and this is what you get:  fun decor for dorm rooms!  Last night the "Fab Four", as I dubbed them, who are a part of the "Mighty Fine Nine" and I had some fun buying super cute, cheap picture frames and mirrors from a thrift store and spray painting them.  They're college-bound in the fall and bound to have the cutest dorm rooms around!  Take a look at the cuteness we created.  :)

These are some of the frames before:
Ugly, out-dated, and very uncool.

But with five cans of spray paint and some creative minds, here's what we made:
So cute, huh?

We could've left them like this and they would've been so cute but the girls showed their artsy sides and souped up these already-cute pieces.

Here's what we accomplished:

Just another project that shows how fabulous spray paint is, especially when combined with a fun girls' night! 

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