Another Day, Another Project

The day I run out of projects in this house is the day I'm coming to your house!  :)  Look out! 
Here's a peek at our new project.  Can you tell what it's going to become? 
Our deadline for finishing this dandy little thing is next Tuesday so stay tuned and find out what we're making/building/refurbishing!
.     .     .
Other than that I've been keeping myself busy by landscaping our entire
yard...BY MYSELF!

Okay, so I did it on the computer...but you were really amazed for a minute, right? 
I know, it looks really cheesy and really fake but I just liked playing around with options.  I'm sure it'll look a bit different once Anthony's mind starts rolling about plants but it was a blast playing in digital dirt!  The kind you can't eat...or feed to your baby sister for that matter.  Sorry Farrah.

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