It's A-door-able!

I've been searching for months for nice fabric I can get for cheap to adorn the french doors in our living room.  I thought that by flanking them with curtains that would still allow them to be opened, it would make our living room more "homey".
  Well, as God's providence would have it, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted her white sheers since she wouldn't be using them anymore.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to get free curtains and knew they would be great for my lonely doors.
Look more "homey"?  I saw a show awhile ago on HGTV where the designer used towel rods over each end of the doors to create this look but I looked forever and couldn't find cheap enough towel rods (I only wanted to spend around $10).  Then one day I found a really nice, long, Target curtain rod in a pile of other curtain rods at a store here that sells all the stuff stores haven't sold.  When I hung the curtains I hung them so that the ends were about a foot from the edge of the molding around the door to make the doors appear larger and to cover more wall space.  Anyone else have french doors they've dressed up somehow?  More ideas are always welcome!

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