Making a Fool Out of My Shelf

Oh how I love thrift stores!  I made a little run today to two thrift stores and saw so many things that had great decorating potential but just needed a little TLC.  One thing's for sure, if you ever need baskets to fill a space, thrift stores are loaded...square, round, name it, they've got it.  
So I was walking down one aisle when what did my eyes see...a floating shelf!  Anthony and I always talk about how we like floating shelves and we find places we'd put one or two if we had one but they're one of those things that's not worth the money when student loans can be paid down.  So, my eyes spied this beauty of a shelf that's a little scuffed up but nothing I can't fix!   

It even has the little indentation on the top to hold plates if you'd like to stick them there!  Now the cost me $2.50!  When I got home I researched pricing on a shelf like this and found one from Pottery Barn for $55 and on for $35!  
I also found a real leather belt (sitting on the shelf in the picture) for Anthony for $5.  It was brand new!  
I said it once and I'll say it again, "I love thrift stores"!

.      .      .
And in other news:
Just wanted to keep ya'll updated on my 'maters and herbs.
All four herbs are doing great!  Now I just need to figure out which are which...I had them set out alphabetically but then I moved them not thinking...oops!

We finally can see tiny tomatoes growing!  I got so excited because I thought we'd have home-grown tomatoes to eat next week at the rate they're growing but then I found out it takes 45-50 days from this point to wholly ripen...ho hum.  Oh well though, so far we have 26 flowers (maybe more, I just got sick of counting) that will form tomatoes! 

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