Spray paint + dirt + herb seeds =

  So if you didn't know how much I love spray paint, you know now and you'll continue to be "in the know" about it.  Spray paint works wonders!  So, we were given some leftover Easter lilies from our church that were used for decoration during Easter week.  Well, I planted the lilies in our yard and had these green pots left.  I'm not a huge fan of hunter green pots so guess what?  Yep, I spray painted them!



And, being on a gardening kick, I bought some herb seeds and planted basil, chives, cilantro, and oregano!  They'll make cute centerpieces on our patio table and yummy herbs to cook with!  I'll keep you updated on how well my growing skills are!


  1. ... where are my hot peppers? Can't forget those!

  2. I've be growing herbs too!! Only my basil and oregano are still going strong! It is so rewarding watching them grow! :)

  3. Did you just plant basil and oregano Meggie or other ones too? I wish we could plant things together! We could get cute gardening gloves and just chit-chat while we played with dirt!