A few things...


Once again, I feel as if I've been neglecting the blog.  But really, any neglect isn't intentional and it's just that life has been crazy lately.  Let me explain...

1)  We moved.  Yep, you know.  We are still not completely settled and probably not even halfway there because...

2)  The morning after we moved we got a call that Anthony's grandfather had passed away.  :(  Up until that morning, our kids had been able to walk to, talk to, and hug all of their great-grandparents.  Pretty amazing, right?  So, we loaded up a few days later and made our way to North Carolina where we celebrated his life and got to spend a lot of good time with his entire immediate family.  Bittersweet was the word. 

3)  When we got home and walked into our new house, the flood gates of Overwhelming Dam unloaded on me.  There is A LOT to do.  Anthony keeps having to remind me that this is not a short-term flip.  It's a long-term homemaking.  ;) 

4)   I've since resolved myself to taking it a room-a-day instead of hopping around from this one to that one while thinking about that room three over that really needs a good organization.  Today I tackled the dining room. 

It's hard to see the bare drywall where in my mind I see paint on the walls with a fun wallpaper under the chair rail and art on the walls and curtains and a new chandelier and wood tile floors and and and...

5)  It's a long-term homemaking.  Breathe. 

6)  Last, the writer I used to write my posts with that I absolutely loved went caput on me and so I've been having to publish from Blogger's platform and it's been much less than fun.  Writing a post sounds fun until I remember I have to fanagle with Blogger.  But, I'm weighing my options so hopefully I'll have a better avenue soon.  Don't worry though, I promise it won't keep me from posting.  ;)

7)  I have a really fun idea to share that involves you, yep, YOU, so stay tuned! 

A Modern Farmhouse Entry - Guest Feature

Yep, I’m stillll working on that popcorn ceiling post.

And, we’re still working on the house.  I’ve been trying to post updates on Insta so if you’re inchin’, a scratch is over thataway.

There’s nothing pretty to look at in our new house at the moment but thankfully, there is beauty to be found elsewhere.

For example, my friend Mary’s DIYed entryway.

This one is for all of you modern farmhouse loving folk.  You will LOVE this.

Mary and her husband semi-recently built a house to hold their cute little family and in that house was a small closet in the entry that had been bugging Mary because it just didn't seem to hold its weight of family life.


Well hiya!  A month long blog sabbatical is NOT what I intended!  A blog post about popcorn ceiling removal is what I did intend, a few weeks ago of course, but I don't have full control over the schedule over here...even though I like to think I do.  That's just life though, isn't it?

While that popcorn ceiling post is sitting pretty in my drafts almost ready for thine eyes, I thought I'd come on quick and give you a glimpse into what, we think, is our most exciting project prospect...that is, what we're most excited to move in and tackle.

Zee front of zee house.

Progress Update

We have been spending almost every minute of free time we can over at the new house scraping ceilings and so far, about 65% of the ceilings are popcorn-free.
(All the plants for all the air cleaning!!  I got this palm yesterday at Sam's for $14!!)

Things Are Looking Up

Here’s the thing about moving in to a rental and spending a little over a year taking it from dated to 2019 – the thought of rehabbing another house next carries with it some high standards.  High standards meaning, well, we completely turned this house around in a year (with lots and LOTS of paint) so surely we can do that again with the next house.  And even though you know this next house needs a lot more work and you have bigger dreams for it because it’s “yours”, that feeling of rushing to the finish line is looming.  Basically, what I’m getting at is that we’ve owned this *new* house for a week and already, I feel like we’re behind schedule…even though there really isn’t a schedule per say and really it’s just those high standards creeping in like a thief in the night.  I’m finding myself having to constantly remind myself (and Anthony always reminding me) that time is on our side.  It’s not hard for me to love our house where it’s at and even embrace it in all of its dated glory, but it IS hard seeing all of the glorious potential and not being able to reach it all at once!  You feel me?  It’s like having a newborn who is the boss of your schedule and sleep and even so, loving that baby with your whole heart feeling as if it may burst but also longing and dreaming about the day when that baby grows up just a little and sleeps through the night.  Sometimes, it can’t come fast enough.  :)