Well hiya!  A month long blog sabbatical is NOT what I intended!  A blog post about popcorn ceiling removal is what I did intend, a few weeks ago of course, but I don't have full control over the schedule over here...even though I like to think I do.  That's just life though, isn't it?

While that popcorn ceiling post is sitting pretty in my drafts almost ready for thine eyes, I thought I'd come on quick and give you a glimpse into what, we think, is our most exciting project prospect...that is, what we're most excited to move in and tackle.

Zee front of zee house.

As it currently stands, our house is, by farrrrrr, the ugliest house on the street.  You look down the row at all of the pretty, well-landscaped yards and houses and then you get to ours and it's like whoop, there it is.  #eyesore  Well, we're here to change that.  Plans include:

-Beefing up the columns...they look like they belong on an entirely different house.  We're going to bulk and square them up and paint them to match the rest of the house which...

-will all get a coat of a creamy white instead of the yellow-ivory.  The trim though, not the brick.  For a good long while we had plans to paint the brick to match the new trim but scrapped it because it's such nice brick (read:  pricey) and popular in our area and we didn't want to do something we'd regret later...and then can't change.  So the brick stays.

-Removing the shutters.  I like shutters on some houses but this ain't one of them.  There are too many for this smaller facade.

-Switching up the front door and sidelights .  We have fun plans for that that we'll share when the time comes.  After photoshopping in lots of different colors of doors, neither of us can find ourselves loving anything more than a medium gray-blue.  Black or dark gray was the runner-up but a blue just seems more "us".

-Freshening up the landscaping.  There are some really awesome plants around our house but their placement is a smidge wonky.  We're going to do some shuffling, add some new things, and probably take a few things out.

Besides being the ugliest house on the block, our house is also the minority in it's ranch style.  So, it's sits low in comparison to all of the other higher houses surrounding it.  The poor thing needs something major to set it apart and help it compete.  By injecting all of the above, we'll hopefully give her a dose of pride.  See?

A very poor photoshop rendition (don't pay attention to the perspective) of what we hope the front of our house will look like by the end of the year.  We hope it will be a pretty straight-forward switcheroo - just opening up the existing portico plus adding a few beams here and there - and Anthony can't wait to get his hands on it.  Landscaping will happen throughout the summer and into the fall.  I'm also dreaming of a porch swing...slow down Sheena.  First things first.

We've having fun thinking about all of the fun things, like the curb appeal updates, as we push onward with these ceilings.  But sometimes it feels like a good-news-bad-news scenario - you get to gussy up the front of the house...but first you have to paint ceilings (my least favorite project ever).  Oh, and move in.  THAT part's always fun.

I don't know what else to say but the usual...

Stay tuned.


  1. Perspective not withstanding, I can see it! I love the idea to open up the front of the porch roof, and the door colour looks like it will be gorgeous with the brick.

    I'd be tempted to see if it's possible to hang light up in what will be the visible porch roof, it might visually increase the old girl's stature.