A Modern Farmhouse Entry - Guest Feature

Yep, I’m stillll working on that popcorn ceiling post.

And, we’re still working on the house.  I’ve been trying to post updates on Insta so if you’re inchin’, a scratch is over thataway.

There’s nothing pretty to look at in our new house at the moment but thankfully, there is beauty to be found elsewhere.

For example, my friend Mary’s DIYed entryway.

This one is for all of you modern farmhouse loving folk.  You will LOVE this.

Mary and her husband semi-recently built a house to hold their cute little family and in that house was a small closet in the entry that had been bugging Mary because it just didn't seem to hold its weight of family life.

Here’s Mary:
“With 5 kids, a small coat closet wasn’t cutting it and no matter how many times I’d clean it out and organized, it took 24-48 hours to be vomiting out again and the amount of shoes always tripled somehow! The area next to the closet was just a weird dead space that nothing ever worked right. I hated it!!  So my husband Korey decided it was time to make this a reality  and we had the extra financial wiggle room to do it. We kept it as budget friendly as we could but spent more where we felt we should, the bench was by far the most expensive part since we wanted it extremely sturdy and be able to withstand the test of time. Plus kids climb...on everything!!!”

So, as you can see, they ripped out the closet and created a wall ‘o glory with organization bursting at the pretty seams.

And how about that shiplap??  I’ll let you in on a little secret that even I didn’t pick up on…


“I wanted the back shiplap. But Lordy Lordy that’s expensive!!!! SO we wallpapered it. I found the wallpaper on amazon and even got enough to now do a “backsplash” in my kitchen! And wallpapering is a true test of ones marriage -  it wasn’t the peel and stick stuff, it was the old school kind hahaha! But most people who have seen it think it’s real until they touch it which makes me happy that we chose the least expensive route for that!”

Here are some more details via Mary:
-the bench and legs are Douglas fir
-shelving is pine plywood sheets
-crown molding and base trim also pine
-baskets are from Walmart at a whopping $13 each!  (Here they are online but it looks like they’re cheaper in-store.)  These were my favorite find because baskets of that size aren’t cheap! We use these for shoes, winter/summer gear and smaller bags.
-shiplap wallpaper is from amazon, there’s a TON of options but I liked the whitewashed birch look of this one.
-sconces are also from amazon. They are considered industrial farmhouse and I got the Edison style lightbulbs on amazon as well.
-hooks, also amazon

What a vision and what a result, huh?  I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped straight open when I saw her post about the whole space on Instagram.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.  ;)

Here’s the final result one more time:

Like, whoa.
.           .           . 

Thank you for letting me share this beautiful part of your home Mary!

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