Please Step Into Our Office

Here's the progress you've all been waiting for...not done yet, but looking better.  Sorry it's taken so long but I've been semi-vacationing with my sister in Florida...and helping her organize details for her wedding in October.  Details of that trip to come soon! 

So here's the office/guest bedroom before: 

The biggest changes are the fresh paint on the walls, trim, and filing cabinet...and that's basically all I've gotten done so far.  It's looking a little 'blah-zay' in there right now but more of my plans will take shape next week. 

Here's another side of the room:
Curtains and homemade pillowcases to match are next on the list, then a 'Do-It-Ourselves' upholstered headboard to turn our bed into a day bed, some art up onto the wall...maybe a collage or something but who knows yet, and then a homemade cushion for the window seat.  We also want to replace the curtains that enclose the closet with real closet doors, so eventually this will all get done.  The way we work is month-by-month.  This month was dedicated to the office and so we'll get as much done with the time (and money) that we have right now and if we can't get it all done, we'll do more another month. 

Next month we're moving back into the master bedroom that was the first room we painted when we moved in.  I'll share our project for that room at the beginning of's going to be so cozy and "Island getaway-ish" so keep in touch!

A Little Entertainment

So I know everyone is so darn excited (just humor me) to see the progress on the office and I'll get that up but first I thought y'all would like some entertainment while you're waiting.  This is a video my Irish twin sister made me for my 25th birthday and I just love, love, love it.  She's uber-talented and someday we are hopeful to start our own design/decorating business making all sorts of goodies and also roping our other uber-talented sister in too...surprise Rock!  You just keep on learning to play that guitar and you can serenade Peach and I as we sew our dreams into reality.  :)  So, without further ado, here's your entertainment and a glimpse into one of the greatest days in the lives of The Bean Team.

To Be Filed

I'm almost finished with the biggest spray painting job I've ever done...the filing cabinet. 

Lucky for me, white spray paint is considered a 'basic' color at Lowe's and a Valspar satin white they sell is only $3.12!  I'm lucky because so far I've gone through four cans (and my pointer is feelin' it).  Here's the run-down so far:

I can't wait to be done!

Here's one of the drawers before I painted it:
I removed all of the hardware before I painted because it's easier than taping them off.  I couldn't figure out how to get the little thumb lever off so it's going to be white too, which might make the hardware look more symmetrical...or that might just be an excuse to not tape it off.

Here they are all done, organized, and labeled!

To make the labels I had to decide on a short word(s) to sum up what was in each drawer.  This is what I came up with:  A to K, L to Z, Random, and Paper.  The top two drawers are filled with lots of paperwork in alphabetically arranged and labeled file folders.  The next drawer has file folders for Anthony's classes, computer software, and some legal-sized paperwork that won't fit anywhere else in it.  The bottom drawer has all sorts of paper in it:  printer and copier paper, resume paper, photo paper, loose-leaf paper, and extra file folders.  I love being organized!

I made labels using a font I found on called "Angelic War".  It was so simple.  I typed my labels up on Word, measured with the little ruler on Word to make sure they'd fit into my label holders, and printed them out.  When cutting them out, I made a stencil with thin paper that I held over the label to make sure I was cutting it out evenly and just cut around the stencil...if that makes sense.  I also cut out a few pieces of thin cardboard (I used an old, white folder) to place behind my cut-out labels to make them a little thicker.  They'd slip out the bottom of my label slot otherwise.

Now we can be organized and stylish!  Who knew a filing cabinet could be both functional and fashion-forward?!

Stay tuned to see the finished project in it's place!

Red + Blue = Purple...

And brown + brown = brown!  Which also, in my case, equals free paint! 

So, we have a couple of cans of paint leftover from previous projects plus a couple of leftovers left from the previous owner of the house and they are all either light, light brown or medium brown.  Since I know we might be painting the office again within the next couple of years to convert it to a nursery, I didn't feel like buying paint that would just be painted over.  Plus, it feels good to use leftovers instead of letting them go to waste.

I originally was only going to use three leftover cans, but when the three didn't add up to enough paint, I added another brown.  I almost added a little light green too in which case I would've tested a couple of drops in a little bowl to make sure the colors jived but then decided against it.

This is after two cans.  It looks scrumptious, huh?

This is the final color, which looks darker on the walls then it does in the can and I love it!  It actually is pretty darn close to the color in our living room and hallway, maybe a smidge darker.  Also, the four paint colors I used weren't the same sheen - two were satin, one was eggshell, and one was semi-gloss but in our old house I combined two different colors and sheens to get the green color in our second bathroom and I found that the sheens mixed and just made one sheen...if that makes any sense at all.  Point is, you can't tell.  :)

.          .          .


So far, I've painted the trim and started painting the corners and edges of the walls.

Here's what the trim looked like before...mind you, we had a whole house filled with grungy and dirty-looking trim before.

I kind-of make a mess when I paint trim so please excuse it.  If I'm painting an entire room, walls and all, I always paint the trim first so that I can get every angle of it.  I use a edger, paint thingy (ceiling guard maybe...not sure what it's called but we got it at Lowe's) and stuff it's edge under the bottom of the trim so that I don't get paint on the carpet.

See how much cleaner?!  The reason I said I make a mess painting trim is that I am bound and determined to get every level of it so that means that I get trim paint on the wall just above the trim to make sure I've gotten the top part of the trim.  I could probably paint it without painting the wall too but that's too tedious to me when it'll get painted over anyway.  :)

Next I paint the wall color in corners and around door edges and such, anywhere that a roller can't paint.  Usually Anthony helps me and he paints the edges while I roll but I'm doing this one alone while he's at work and studying so it works better for me this way.  If I were to do both at once, paint part of an edge and then roll that part, move to the next part and do the same thing, I'd either ruin my brush or roller because they'd dry out.

Stay tuned to see the finished paint project!

.          .          .

A little random note:
I'd like to welcome everyone to Big Bug Country...a.k.a. The South.  Let me explain.  I went outside this afternoon to start spray-painting the filing cabinet.  So I walked over to our little shed alongside which is the big piece of plywood I spray-paint everything on when this is what I saw...(beware)...

THIS!!!  Being the bug-o-phobic I am, I found something else to spray paint on and used 14x zoom (so I could stand far, far, far away) on my camera to take a picture.  Anybody (uhhhh...Dan the butterfly man?) know what it is?!  It looks like an overweight butterfly tarantula that came out of my mixed brown paint! 

Well, thanks for reading my extremely long post about paint and a big bug!  Have a grand 'ole day ya'll! 



You won't believe what I found!  I don't even know how I found them except I think God led me to them.  First of all, let me explain.  In our house, half of the rooms have a ceiling fan and they're not the most modern looking things.  Two are white so they're not so bad but the others are brass and I'm not a huge 'fan' of brass.  Well, I've wondered long and hard whether I could spray paint these darned things or not.  I've researched and found that there's just so many vents and places you really shouldn't get paint on that saving up and buying might be the easiest option.  So, since buying new ceiling fans is probably the last thing on our wish list, I haven't paid much attention to them (and since 'easy' really doesn't appease me, spray-painting them might just be a blog post someday).  
So, the other day I was working in the office and day-dreaming about what a cute nursery it would someday be when my eyes looked up to the fan...ugh.  I've always dreamed of having a cute little light fixture in a nursery...a little chandelier for a girl or some cool something for a boy.  Well down here in the southern heat, I really can't put any future bean into a room without a fan so my chandelier dreams flew out the window quicker than fan blades on high.  Then another idea popped into my noggin'.  What if I could just replace the 'crystal ball' hanging from the fan?  They have ceiling fan light kits at Lowe's, right?  Yeah, well then I found some 'bean-approved' ceiling fan light kits online at  I didn't even know anyone made these!  Take a look at what I found!

How precious is this one?!  It's so feminine and beautiful!  Perfect for a precious baby girl!

Another one for a little girl that would grow with her and change with any redecorating!  It could also 'romaticize' any master bedroom.

This one is my favorite, I think.  It's so modern yet soft and beautiful and they have matching floor and tabletop lamps!

This one I thought would look really great in a gathering area such as a living room or den (or any room for that matter)...but it's one of the many on the website that would.

This one I'd love for our master bedroom.  The fan is brass so I'd have to figure something out to change it to silver but how amazing would it be?!  I think you can buy fan's without light kits attached but I'm not sure so, if I'm right, that could work too.

These fan kits run around $100 or so apiece so they're not exactly the cheapest things in the world, but if we could save up for them (or in the case of having one in a nursery, registering for it), they'd be so worth it and we could keep the old light kits stored away so that we could take the new ones with us to a new house and put the old ones back up.

A few other ways I've thought of spiffying up our fans are:
- by buying a large, plain, or patterned drum shade made for a lamp and somehow attaching it over the existing light fixture or light bulbs. 
- stenciling or stamping the blades with one or a few cute patterns (I almost photo-shopped this idea but my office is waiting to get painted at the moment.  Maybe sometime in the future.)
- with some wire rings strung together like a bulls-eye, some beads, shells, or other such things, and necklace wire you could probably make your own little chandelier (if you're interested in this idea, email me for a better explanation). 
-by replacing the existing light covers with small shades or just more modern glass covers.

However I decide to recreate our fans someday, you'll hear about it!  Plus, I'd love to hear more ideas and get some more inspiration!  Have you or anyone you know spray-painted a fan?  Let me know!