An Overdue Kitchen Update

 Oh how far we've the kitchen.

I've been wanting to share our kitchen progress for awhile but when I think to do it, another voice says "just wait until you get a little more done and then post an update".  Well, we're slow (but sure!) and so if I wait and wait, you'll never get to see it.  

We are most definitely not done but we've jumped and skipped, more like leaped and bounded, our way to modern-day kitchen in the past three years (almost three years on the dot, can you believe it?!)

I give you...progress:

We. Are. Getting. There.

Rewind three years and...

I'm currently getting ready to prime the backsplash to get it ready for tile so let me do that and I'll snap some more pictures.  I've got so much to tell you about - our concrete countertops and alllll that was involved to make them, what we think of them now that we're done, and if we'd pour them in place again.  I'll unload on the painted cabinets - how I did things a little differently this time around and how they turned out, plus the plans for the bottom cabinets and pantry.  I can show you the 39575 flooring samples I've got and maybe you can help me decide which to go with.  That might be about it with the kitchen but I've also got a draft in my box about how we replaced our cloudy window panes ourselves, saving us thousands.  Oh, and I think a three-year in, how-its-changed post is due.  

Stay tuned.

I'll be back.  ;)    

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  1. Can’t wait for all the updates. Especially the window update…. We are looking at that project in the next year or so and would love to save money!