Comfort Gray

 Hey!!  It's been a couple of months since I popped on here.  👀

Blame it on the wonderful world of internet technology.  In the 10+ years I've been blogging, I've never had any technical issues until the past few months.  Every free minute I had to jump onto my computer to blog was spent dealing with blog issues.  The internet changes everyday and to fix anything now, I feel like you have to take an entire college course to keep up.  There were quite a few frustrating moments but thankfully, I think they're ironed out for the most part.  

So, with twisted digits, I'm just going to go ahead and sweep all the technical stuff under the rug and dive into paint.  Hopefully it'll stay under that rug and just, well, disappear.  We've gotten a good chunk of home project progress down pat and I've got a big 'ole kitchen update to share soon but right now, I'm going to take it easy and share a tried and true paint color...

Comfort Gray 

The past couple of weeks, I spent about an hour each day painting trim and walls in our storage room/laundry nook/half bath area.  This combo of three rooms plus a small hallway sits right off the breakfast nook and it's the only place that still had unpainted wood trim.  That fact alone made it look like it didn't even belong in this house.  I hate painting trim so much that I'm sure I've put this off lots and lots of times but I finally buckled down and went classic white on it.  (By classic white I mean Pure White by Sherwin Williams color-matched to Valspar paint in a satin sheen - all of the trim in our house is this color.)

This is what looking into that space looked like on closing day, three long years ago:

This is about a year later:

And this is now:

The white trim is a game-changer but so are the freshly painted walls.  I hadn't planned on painting walls in here (mainly because I couldn't decide on what color) but the half can of Comfort Gray I had leftover from painting the kids' room was beckoning so, I fell for it.  It took me all of an hour with that "free" paint and paint supplies I already had to freshen up this little hallway and I'm glad I did it.  It's a much better view from the breakfast nook and kitchen.

(Pssst, I didn't paint the baseboards, which you probably noticed, not because I'm trying to start a new trend but because we're installing new flooring soonish and they'll all get taken off.  Painting trim while it's not attached to a wall is so much easier than painting it while it's attached - still just about as tedious but definitely easier.  Oh, and we replaced the light fixture last year with this one - I jumped on a really good sale and bought one for this hallway and one for our main hallway.)

I wanted to share Comfort Gray with you though, because we've used it in multiple places now - each place with a different lighting situation - and it looks fantastic everywhere.  It's not as gray as you might guess with it's name, but more of an unsaturated mint color.  It's not too minty green and not too gray, just a really good in-between.  The hallway I painted above gets a good amount of natural light from the super bright bathroom next to it.

We used it on our front door, in the entry way which doesn't get a whole lot of light most of the day.

But it looked just as happy outside in all that natural sunlight (even though that yellowy trim didn't work well with it - we've since painted and installed a new door.)

We color-blocked the kids' room with it too.  Their room gets a lot of natural sunlight in the morning but not as much the rest of the day and it handles the transition perfectly.

If you've been reading for awhile, you might know I'm a big fan of Valspar paint so I get every color we go with color-matched.  This is the code you'd need to get Comfort Gray in Valspar at Lowe's:

Maybe you already know and love this color and maybe this will inspire you to use it somewhere in your home!  


  1. The rug inside your front door is beautiful. Is it available somewhere? Thanks

  2. I found it at a local discount store without a tag or sticker or anything so I don't know which rug it is exactly, but there are a few similar rugs listed near the bottom of this post - Hope that helps!

  3. Yay.. your back. I have missed you posts!!