'Hidden' Paperwork Organization Station

I have been on an organizing kick.  I think it's just being in the guest room/office purging and organizing this past week that's lit a fire under my bum to organize allthethings.  (If you've been watching via Instagram, that room really, really has needed a good pare down.)  And really, while myself and my house can get quite unorganized at times (#blamethekids), I'm overall a pretty organized person...or at least, I try to be.  I function 1000 times better when things are where they should be and there's nary a junk drawer in sight (or not in sight for that matter).  If I'm high-maintenance at all, there's where the bulleye is.  When there's material chaos around me, there's generally a lack of productivity.  I admire those of you who, when surrounded by life's chaos, can still function at a high level and keep your cool.  Truly.  There's a freedom in that that I certainly don't ever achieve.

Anywho, like I said, I've been scooting along in the guest room.  Some things, specifically my organization station at the side of my desk in our rental, got moved into this guest room without a rhyme or reason and I needed to make that right to feel organized again.  One of those things was getting those clear plastic folders* functioning again.  There wasn't a place in the current guest room/office that I could think to put them (there's no desk for them to hang them near) so they just got tossed into one of the wardrobes and all of the paperwork they used to hold got moved elsewhere for the time being...which really wasn't working at all.

But then I had a light bulb moment last week while I was pulling some brown sugar out of our newly made-over pantry.  I COULD HANG THEM ON THE INSIDE OF THE PANTRY DOOR!

Pardon the all caps but in my mind, that thought was definitely an excited yell.  Best to type it like it is, right?  ;)

Within the hour, I had turned that thought into reality. 

Our doors aren't solid all the way through but they are made of some thick, pressed something-or-other and so a couple of nails held each lightweight folder in place while a couple of small strips of command tape in the middles made sure they wouldn't pull off the door.  The doors will eventually get painted (we're now leaning toward white) and so the whole station will look even better after that but for now, I'm just happy to have our most-used pieces of paper corralled in one, often-seen (yet still hidden) spot again.

In the top folder we keep our coupons, in the middle the girls' school schedule, and in the bottom we toss all of the current month's receipts.  I bought these particular folders because they are clear and I need to see everything that's in them lest I forget it exists...this is mostly true for the coupons.  But, if you don't like the fact that everything is seen, you could always slip a pretty print against the back of the front of each that would hide the paperwork and turn these into multi-functional paper-holders/art displays.   

Now it's back to the guest room/office...I feel like that's a mouthful/eyeful every time I type it out.  Maybe I need to stick with something like guestffice or just call it the office since that's usually what it's functioning as.  Or wait, usually I'm sewing in there so really it's more of a sewing space.  




Thar we go.  ;)

.           .           .

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