Interchangeable Framed Art–DIY

I probably should put some quotes around “framed” up there because I might be stretching the definition in this post but I’ll let you be the judge. 

I’ve had some VIPieces stored away that I’ve been wanting to hang over my desk area and so, when I finished the multi-purpose room, I finally got around to doing that.  Two of those things are matching wood frames that my friend Jesse gave me a couple of years ago.  When she gave them to me, they were a pretty turquoise and I think I had them hanging in Sebastian’s room that way for a little bit but then they got moved to our old master bathroom with a fresh coat of white paint and now they are above my desk and capable of quick switcheroos whenever the heart calls.  I know I have the cardboard backing they came with somewhere but they’ve never had glass in them so they really were begging to be something slightly different than the regular old frame.  As it turns out, a spotted wallpaper wall was just what they needed to shine. 

One is holding the Productivity Prayer from Lindsay Letters that she offered as a free download a couple of weeks ago.


Mine printed more gray than black and I’m not sure if it’s because she made it like that or if it’s because I’m running out of ink but I love it and it’s the perfect thing to have hanging over a work area. 
If you’ve read my post on loving allllll the people, you’ve already seen this one:

The total cost for me to pluck these out of my brain and hang them on the wall was $0 because I used stuff I had on hand.  Both of these pieces of art are printed/hand-printed on resume paper (similar*) that I’ve had since my resume days right after college.  To make sure it didn’t look like I just stuck some computer paper up on my pretty wall, I ripped off the extra white space around each to get rid of those straight edges.

I found that tearing downward and at a sharp angle allowed me to control the ripping better – the paper ripped in more of a straight line vs. veering off to one side or another and thereby possibly ruining the art.

To hang them inside the frames, I used gold paper clips (one was already gold and one I gave a quick spray with my favorite gold spray paint*).  One I unbent so that it more resembled a hook.  After punching a hole in the top of “find the good”, I hung it on the paper clip and then used some sticky tack to attach the top of the clip to the back of the frame.  The prayer I just clipped using the normal paper clipping technique and used sticky tack to attach it as well.  I know there are probably a thousand better ways to do this using staples, clips, and whatever else you can think of but I had all these things readily available and was feeling very McGuyvery so that’s how I hung mine.  :)

This would work for pretty much any frame you have laying around but the thicker it is, the easier it will be to attach something to hold art to the back.  Go forth to your local thrift stores and I’m sure you’ll find a frame you can turn into an interchangeable art piece in minutes.  ;)

As far as the rest of the collage wall, I’ll be honest, this was a tough one to figure out.  You know how, when you’re concocting a collage wall you can usually just get it together, hang it, and then figure out if maybe this needs to go or get moved and fill in holes and everything will be just fine in the end?  Well, you can’t fill in holes in wallpaper.  So, LOTS OF PRESSURE to get this right the FIRST time.  Yipe.  Not only that but I wasn’t sure in the first place if I should even be putting stuff on the wall over some crazy busy wallpaper.  Busy to add to busy?  But there were so many things I wanted up.  First world dilemma’s.  *eyeroll* 

So, here I was during naptime one day.  Heck with it.  It’s all going up on the wall.  I laid everything out on the floor in the order I wanted and took it from floor to photoshop to just make sure this is really, really, really what I wanted.  And then I grabbed my hammer and this picture-hanging tool (which is crap…don’t buy it) and got to work.


And, minus one little snafu where I swapped out one frame for another (and have a hole to show for it), I really like how it turned out!

Most of those VIPs I’ve been wanting to hang above my desk are things that remind me of my dad.  He was a farmer and raised black angus cattle so I grabbed this cattle print from Britt Fisk Photography awhile ago because it’s a nod to him and the first 18 years of my life spent living on a feelot.IMG_9187

(The frame I found at Dirt Cheap but is this one*.)  Besides being an all-around incredible woman, Britt’s photography is phenomenal. 

The photo to the left of it is one of my dad watching me perform at small concert in college (I was the singer in a rap group…no, seriously). IMG_8851

One of my friends snapped the photo, later added some verses from Revelation, and gave it to me after my dad passed away.  It’s one of my most cherished posessions.

The mirror and the gold metal envelope were both Dirt Cheap finds (originally hailing from Target – they still sell the envelope* and this mirror is similar).IMG_9185

The mirror was originally black but I spray painted it white so it would jive with the wall more and not stick out so much.  You probably noticed that it’s broken…womp.  I bought it that way for $2 years ago with the intention of coming up with a clever way to camouflage that – paper flowers glued to that side or something like that – but never got around to it and maybe I still will but until then, it keeps me humble and any perfectionism at bay. ;)

The little framed Hail Mary was given to me by my dad in the last year of his life.

IMG_9191It doesn’t necessarily match my taste in aethetics (I did spray paint the frame gold a few years ago to help) but it’s funny how valuable something becomes, even when it’s not your style, when its weight in sentiment and memory greatly exceeds that of its physical form, right?  :)

Last, because I’m a detail-oriented person and maybe you are too, here are the measurements of all of the frames on this wall.  In case you like it too and want to recreate the look, hopefully this makes it easier to know what size frames you’ll need.


Have a great weekend friend!

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