Wallpaper and a Box

Ahhh!  I’m so behind over here.  The thing is, I have been flying through projects in this little house in the past few weeks but, since I’ve been spending all of my free time painting and patching and hammering, there’s been no time leftover to fill you in in writing on the blog.  Bear with me.  I WILL get you all caught up.

(Pssst, the One Room Challenge starts in a little over a week and guess what?  Yep.  Yours truly signed up to do that whole, crazy six weeks again.  Needless to say, there will never be a lack of content on Bean In Love.)

Last post we left off with a multi-purpose room reveal.  You might’ve noticed the spots on the recessed wall.  1) They are all part of this great stuff I’ve come to know and love called removable wallpaper.  2) The entire accent wall only cost me about 20 beans!

Long story short, one day I walked into our local Target, which is going through a pretty major renovation, and saw an entire end cap full of clearance wallpaper!  I snagged two of these rolls of Devine wallpaper*…


I really wanted them to be hung where they currently are but, at the time, I didn’t know how that would go down up since the walls (before I painted them) were painted with flat paint.  (Devine recommends not hanging their paper on flat paint…shoot.)  I really didn’t want to paint a wall that was just going to get covered up so, I cut a piece out of the wallpaper I stuck on our dishwasher (same type and brand) and stuck it on the wall for three weeks, just to see how it would come off.


I should mention that when I stuck it on, I STUCK it.  I pressed and scratched it on so that, if it was going to come off and take chunks of drywall with it, it was.  Meanwhile, I painted all of the other walls in the room and tried to forget about that clearance wallpaper I had squirreled away.


One Sunday, I had an afternoon of napping children to try and knock out this wallpaper thing.  But first, I had to take off my test strip.  I’d add a drumroll but you’ve already been spoiled with the reveal and know that, obviously, the test strip came off without any drywall attached and a happy camper was I. 

Here’s what the entire wall looked like right before the twins and I got to work hanging.
And here’s what it looks like now:IMG_9174

I know, it looks really busy but there is a TON of organized function packed into that little recess.  :D

I didn’t take enough pictures to write up a whole tutorial on how to hang removable wallpaper (plus, I still feel like a rookie at it) but Society 6 has a good video on it.  I will tell you that my quilting square* came in super handy when it came to cutting straight lines.IMG_8569

I didn’t cover the entire wall because I didn’t have enough wallpaper and, since we’re in a rental presently and it will all come down in a year or so, it just didn’t seem necessary/efficient/cost-effective.  So the walls behind the storage cabinet, bookshelves, and desk are still tan.  When I hung this wallpaper, I put a sock over my hand to press it onto the wall as the girls slowly removed the backing below me and I didn’t press very hard.  I pressed hard enough to make sure it was stuck on the wall but not so hard that that flat paint recommendation would come back to bite me…or so I hope.  I also didn’t line up seams at all.  I know, it seems (or should I say seams…hehe) like a big mistake but I read a reviewer on Target’s website saying she didn’t correctly line up seams and she couldn’t even tell afterwards because of how busy the pattern is.  And, wouldn’t you know, you really can’t tell unless you’re a’huntin’ for them.  Good thing I didn’t too because I literally used every square inch of this wallpaper but six inches.  Had I lined up seams, I wouldn’t have had enough.

Backing up and speaking of not covering up the entire wall though, that scenario also relates to a box in the room too.



That box up there on top of the storage cabinet that I want you to think is a pretty fabric box is actually, well, a fabric, half-covered, cardboard box. 


It’s where I’ve been keeping all of our printed pictures until I get a chance to get them into albums (I’ve said that for a year now…) and there’s just no place to store that box at the moment.  It’s slightly too tall to fit under any bed and I don’t want to risk the pictures safety by tossing it in the humid attic.  I know I could get a different box but that takes more effort and another Amazon order.  SO, I got crafty with some extra fabric I had leftover from the curtains in the room and attached them with strategically-placed thumb tacks to the box to hide the cardboard.

And then I stuck it back up on top of the storage cabinet and forgot about it.

Which is why, for that year, I’ve been telling myself I’ll get those pictures in albums eventually.

Eye rolling smile

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