Find the Good

A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram while I waited for the kids to fall asleep.  I started following the news station near my sister’s place last year during hurricane season just to see the damage pictures they posted and haven’t unfollowed yet for no reason other than I haven’t thought about it.  Well, usually I’d just scroll right past a post like this on that news station’s feed but something made me stop.  And usually I’d remind myself not to read comments on things like this because there are bound to be some negative Nancy’s in the crowd, but I did.  And it was horrifying and eye-opening.

This lady’s name is Tammy and she stole a jar of monetary donations meant for the family of a child that was killed.  Aplorable behavior.  Yes. 

Let me tell you a little bit about Tammy.  Oh wait, I don’t know this woman from Eve.  But as her moral compass dictates, chances are that at some point...many points in this woman's life, she's been abused.  Maybe her parents didn't show her the love she needed and deserved.  Maybe she was outcast from her family.  It's possible she's had her heart broken, beaten, and smashed to a pulp one time, two times, a hundred times.  It's possible she's never felt love from anyone remotely close to her in her life.  It's possible she grew up seeing people close to her make poor choices, harmful choices, foolish choices.  It’s possible.  And, based on her current situation, I’d say it’s probable.

Like I said, I don’t read comments on most opinion-based article shares anymore.  Too many emotionally-charged opinions shot out, much of the time with closed-mindedness.  But this post, I did.  And in doing so I realized that, sadly for Tammy, it looks like all those possibilites of the lack of love she encountered during her life are still, as far as social media is concerned, still true to this day.  As far as human beings are concerned, she’s getting nowhere fast as regards love and support and the will for her good and for her to do good. 

I blocked out all of the meanies profile names because I’m sure they might regret writing what they wrote and it’s not necessary information to anyone else but gosh, evil being repayed/reciprocated with evil.  Out of the 35 comments on this post, almost HALF of the comments were, what I feel, harsh and completely unnecessary.  Not only is Tammy going nowhere fast, none of these commenters would seem to be either.  I can’t imagine anyone really feels great after trash talking someone else.


Jesus, an innocent man, was beaten and crucified between two thieves.  The Lord of lords and King of kings right there in the midst of two seemingly evil men.  He spat at them, called them names, told them they got everything they deserved...or wait, no.  No he didn't.  He told one that he'd see him in paradise TODAY! 
I'm guilty of everything these instagrammers are.  I've thought bad thoughts about certain individuals.  I've produced a few unseemly names for people after witnessing their unseemly behavior.  I've acted like I was above someone. 
If we continue spitting on those who have found themselves in the clutches of evil, in the powerful hands of Satan, they will never break free and we will, with our venomous words and thoughts, inch closer and closer to those filthy hands ourselves.

The first picture of this post is of a quote I wrote and stuck inside a frame in a new frame collage I hung last week.  It was inspired by this post on Tammy.  I pray that she has realized how harmful and sad her decision to steal was.  I pray that she can get the help she needs to turn away from bad and run straight to good.  I pray that she finds someone, many people, who will sacrifice their time and energy to show her just an ounce of love.  I pray for her and for all those whose life experience has been one lacking in love.  I pray for myself that I may not feed this disastrous lack of love with my thoughts, my words, or my actions. 

Let’s build each other up, ok?  Even when it’s hard.  Even when it seems like someone doesn’t deserve it.  Find the good.  Watch it replace the bad.

“Man and sinner are two different things. God made man; man made himself a sinner. So destroy what man made, but save what God made. Thus, do not go so far as to kill the criminal, for in wishing to punish the sin, you destroy the man.”
-St Augustine



  1. This is a much needed reminder, Sheena. It's so sad how easily nasty remarks come out on social media- and about people and situations that we are so far removed from!
    Someone wrote something to me the other day that (I felt) attacked me personally when I was just trying to do something nice. It brought me to tears and made me feel completely lousy the rest of the day (from one person!). It really hit home HOW MUCH I need to be better about being kind to others. Maybe taking a few minutes to think before responding when I get worked up, and at the very least be civil and polite with my words instead of spewing out something that'll make someone else have an awful day.

    1. Yes, it's far too easy to remark easily on social media. I'm so sorry about your recent run-in with the negativity of another person. :( But I love how you turned it around and evaluated your own actions. You've inspired me! Thank you for being a great example Lisa!

  2. I love your decorating posts, but this is my favorite thing I've read on your site.