Breakfast Nook "Reveal"

Or really "Breakfast Nook So Far" because, as you'll see, we're not done in here.  There's still painting (doors and ceiling) to be done, furniture to find, and decorating to do but HEY, we have come a looong way from here:

And here:

And here:

And even from here:

To today:

Obviously we've gotten a lot done in here - we scraped the popcorn ceilings, removed the wallpaper, removed the paneling and chair rail, painted the trim, and then painted the walls.  Oh, and we made over the pantry!  We still need to paint the ceiling but we've been waiting until the kitchen ceiling is ready to paint since they're pretty much one and the same ceiling...we don't want to paint this and then have some crazy line in the middle of the ceiling where the breakfast nook ends and the kitchen begins.  I mean, there might not be a line but since we are using tinted ceiling paint (Pure White by SW) and tinting can create slightly different colors in different cans, we're not taking a chance.  We also need to paint doors and get a new chandelier up along with finding a round table and a few chairs to sit at.  And don't worry, that blue linoleum is going.  It'll be replaced with some wood-look tile *hopefully* within the next few months.    

I had to bring in that palm from outside because it's supposed to get down to 27 tonight (say wha???) so of course that makes the whole space look even better.  ;)  When you need just a little bit more aesthetics, add a plant.  I truly believe in that and there's your proof!  ;)

All of the trim in here is painted Pure White (by Sherwin-Williams color-matched to Valspar Ultra in semi-gloss).  The walls are Cloud Cover by Ben Moore color matched to the same Valspar paint in eggshell.  

You might've also noticed that our range that sat in the breakfast nook for a couple of months is no longer there in the after pictures.  It's not because I moved it for the sake of a picture (heave and ho, no way) but because IT'S ACTUALLY IN THE KITCHEN BEING USED!  It was installed yesterday and the kitchen is coming along!  (Read about our plans for it here.)  We just put the drywall up into the ceiling last night...just in time for this freeze tonight.  Yipe!  A tarp separating the kitchen from the attic probably wouldn't have cut that cold.  

Stay tuned for a post all about the kitchen's journey (so far) next week!  And of course there will be more posts later on how this breakfast nook progresses too.  #cantstopwontstop  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Paint is just so magical. Can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen!!! :)