A Kitchen Progression

A few people have either come up to me in person or messaged me in the past few weeks and asked me if I'm still blogging and I have no clue why!!!  HA!

Yes, folks.  Not only have you few made me feel like a million bucks with your gracious cares but also, don't worry.  Typing just isn't a priority at the moment so I might take a few weeks off here and there (particularly around this wonderful Christmas season), but this blog will never die.  It is my virtual home away from home and you can always expect at least one post a year.  ;)  While we're on the subject, let's just squeeze one right in before the year ends...

The kitchen!

Those two words have so much of a punch behind them.  A punch of excitement for how far our kitchen has come plus that glorious vision of where it's going (see the original plan here) and a whole 'nother punch for how slowwwwwwly it's going.  And I know that kitchen remodels aren't typically the hare in the race but I guess I have high (now squandered) expectations after the quick,  jaw-dropping makeover in our last house and after watching a couple of awesome bloggers makeover their kitchen in two weeks...I won't name any names.  #coughcljcough  So, needless to say, there have been a lot of good opportunities for patience and prudence heaped on top of perseverance and persistence over here.

But this, this post will make me feel good about where we are right now, I just know it.  It's easy to feel like you're semi-stalled with halfway mudded ceiling joints and a plywood counter top but when you bring it all the way back to the start... 

darn, we've made some good progress.

Let's see it.

In July-ish?, we decided our idea to take out the upper part of this wall was golden and took out those upper cabinets.

And then the drywall...

down to the studs behind.

Next, the paneling came off the other side, which made both of our hearts pitter-patter as we gazed lovingly from the kitchen to the den and back.  The vision was more alive than ever.

Then, right smack before Thanksgiving, we had pros install a beam in the ceiling and take out those studs.  We hired another pro to move electrical wires around too.

We lived with the giant hole in the ceiling covered up with a tarp (it's white in the horribly blurry photo above) for a few weeks before we could get the drywall up ourselves, got that drywall up, started mudding seams, and that's about where we're at with the ceiling as you can see here:

 A lot more happened on the bottom half of the kitchen on this side - we cut out cabinets to get our new slide-in gas range in, had a gas line installed, and removed the old counter top.  To get our bearings and help us make some design decisions, Anthony also cut a temporary counter top out of plywood.  Besides a little bending happening to the overhang into the living room, it's still going strong.  While wires were getting moved around, we went ahead and installed a new light* in the kitchen.  

Somewhere amid all of that, Christmas came and hey!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Or Happy Sixth Day of Christmas if you wanna get technical.  ;)  We had a great one and I hope yours was just as good.

There will be more kitchen progress to come though I can't say it'll be quick.  But, there is a loop and you can bet I'll keep you in it.  

Happy Years' End to you and yours!

.           .           .  

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  1. Nothing wrong with taking your time and sticking to a budget; it's actually very smart. Loving how the new spaces look and am excited for you. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I feel like I used to know that but lately I need to be reminded often! Happy New Year!!