A Shady Master Bedroom Update

As we inch closer and closer to September, we also inch closer and closer to a better master bedroom.  I'll be honest, my motivation has been waning to finish our master but I think it's because I'm sitting over here trying to "finish" one room while there are a ton of other rooms that are still rocking the bare drywall look.  Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing a finish while secretly dying to get to another room.  The entry for example.  I've let several people in that front door over the past few weeks and every time I cringe and have to let out a lengthy disclaimer about why it looks like c.r.a.p.  It's pulled a heart string inside that's dying to slap paint on the walls and swap out that hideous chandelier.  Next month...

So, with that said, waning motivation and all, I have made some progress on getting a more retreat-worthy space in the bedroom.  I'll save a full "reveal" for the end of the month but this corner...

More specifically, that DRUM SHADE* on the fan!  It adds an extra little somethin', right?  Well there's a little backstory about it.  I put drum shades on my ceiling fans, nothing new (and if you want to see how, click here and watch the story highlight).  I wanted something a little more in our master though.  I didn't know what exactly...until I saw this shade* online.  But, the price tag made me sulk a little and move on.  Well, if I'm being honest, I actually tried to copy it a la DIY and that's still in progress.  It's taken a few turns here and there so I'll let you know if I'm successful later (and in that case, write a whole tutorial).  Anywho, it keeps popping up all over the internet in the form of those pesky ads...just taunting me.  But the other day, it popped up at 50% off and, not believing my eyes, I clicked over...and then I bought it.  It's a bit of a splurge for me but only because I'm el cheapo.  But it's amazing in real life.  Truly, truly.  So pretty.  It's made of capiz shells lined with gold metal and just the more I wanted for our master bedroom ceiling fan.

The first thing I did when I got it was stick it on the fan and *WOMP WOMP*, I think it's a smidge too big for the fan and the space.  The spider part of the shade is inset but, because our ceiling fan is more compact than some, it's inset a little too much in that there are only a few millimeters of clearance between the top of the shade and the fan blades.  That's not enough, sadly.  BUT, I think I'm going to hold onto the shade and use it as a pendant in our breakfast nook because I just can't let it go!!!  If you know how to wave a magic wand and downsize something 20%, now would be the time to let me know how.

If you have high or peaked ceilings with a ceiling fan, this shade might be the perfect addition to your space.  I don't know if the 50% off price is permanent or just part of some rogue sale (none of the other shades are on sale...) but either way, it's a really good price for this beauty.  World Market also sells pendant kits that go with this shade if you don't have a ceiling fan begging for it.  I'm telling ya, it'd be the star of the room.  😍

On another note, how is your August going?  Are you rooming with me this month?  If you are and you've got an excessive motivation, please send it my way!  My dry-walled rooms are stealing it all from me!
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