Current Events

We are in the middle of a whole lot of rooms and projects and progress has been slow over here thanks to life.  You probably know exactly what I'm talking about.  School starts and all of a sudden, things get crazy.  You would think that shuttling half of our kids to school each day would free up a ton of time to create and get busy but nope.

So, since I don't have anything substantial to sink into a blog post, here are a few current events I might be able to distract you with while we scramble to find time to finish up some things.

1)  Our kitchen.  Le sigh.  Remember when I laid out all of the big plans for it in this blog post?  Well, it pretty much looks exactly like what it does in that post...still.
Why?  Well, we found out we have to wait to put the beam in the ceiling until the soaring temps turn it down a notch.  Welcome to the Southern United States.  It's something we totally didn't anticipate when we brought the wall down to the studs that one weekend long ago but something we understand.  (But would we have held off on taking that drywall/paneling off, no way.)  The beam work has to be done in the attic and right now, it's a lofty 120+ degrees up there.  I sure wouldn't want to be up there working away either.  So, we're shooting for the beam to go in in October.  Until then, we hope to start on the window side of the kitchen (painting, new countertop, backsplash, etc...) while we wait for the cooler temps.

2)  Along with one side of the kitchen, I've set a (v v ambitious) goal to transform the entry way next week.  September 1st, it's on.  Here's what it looks like right now:

I need to finish taking the backing of the old wallpaper down, paint everything but the floor, and decorate.  I'm sick of making excuses to people who walk in the front door...something's gotta change.

3)  Speaking of change though, it's been brewing in our guest room/office.  I debuted them in an Instastory - a pair of narrow wardrobes that I found at a local thrift store - and things are finally coming together with my plans for them.
Since this room is functioning as both office and guestroom, we need a place to store all of our office-y things plus all of my fabric and sewing stuff for the Studio.  But we also need a place for family/friends to sleep when they visit.  Wardrobes = storage.  Daybed = lounging and sleeping.
We found a wood daybed with trundle (that raises and lowers to make one large bed!) on Facebook Marketplace.  I gave it a quick coat of white paint and we're ordering a pair of these mattresses* (we own four of them already and they're just peachy).  We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and so it all has to be ready by then...along with the kitchen.  Are we crazy?  Yes, yes we are.

4)  Last, I just want direct your attention to these Dollar Tree baskets in kids' closet - the gray ones.
We needed some more baskets for more organization in there and one trip to DT was all we needed.  Of course, aesthetically, I really heart woven baskets but these are behind a closed door, cute, and a lot of basket for $1 each.  Plus, the added pattern cut-out just makes the whole closet all the more fun.

I feel like we're just at the point with this house that we really just need buckle down and do a lot of painting and so there aren't any fun tutorials to be written and I hate that.  The most I can do at the moment is keep you updated on what's ch-ch-changing.  I'm also working on a "Get the Look" post for the kids room plus all the details on how I organized/stored their clothes so hopefully those two things will be a little more interesting.  I know, I should've had those up when I worked on their room last month but hi, I'm behind.  ;)  Oh, and the master bedroom.  It's August's #letsroomtogether challenge and I'll share the (little) progress we made!  If you roomed together with me in August, I guarantee you got a lot more done.  I'll gladly hand out all of the clapping emojis.  👏 

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  1. You find such great thrift store furniture! I always pass larger pieces that catch my eye because I stress about getting them home- any tips??

    1. It's hit-or-miss. The thrift stores here usually give you a certain amount of time to come pick up the furniture you buy! I'm assuming it's similar everywhere...hopefully? That helps a ton because there's really never a time when I can buy something and bring it home right away so I wait until Anthony can go pick it up with an empty vehicle. :)